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How To Stop Wasting Your Ad Budget

Google Ads is a phenomenal tool to help promote your business and generate visibility and leads for your company. Google, in addition to other search engines, is filled with competition where one small mistake could potentially cost you wasting loads of your ad budget. For example, your company may be bidding for several broad match keywords and potentially targeting the entire world when you’re only located in the U.S. As trusted Google Partners here at Onimod Global, all of our account managers are experts in working with ad budgets and have learned how to use ad dollar as efficiently as possible. Time to get smart with your spending, so we have a list of three simple tips to get the best bang for your advertising buck.

    1. Bid Higher On Profitable Locations

      As simple as this may seem, a lot of people don’t realize that they are targeting based on the default Google Ads target location, which is actually the entire world. If you have an e-commerce site that only ships within the U.S., and your ads are showing up to people in Italy and China, who are clicking on your ad and wasting your ad budget extremely fast. This is clearly frustrating, but the good news is that it’s also very avoidable.
      The work doesn’t stop there, you can also be prioritizing the areas where you’re sales are much higher. Say you are a retail e-commerce company that focuses on swimsuit sales, you may want to make bid adjustments to bid more on coastal areas like California and Florida vs. Iowa and other Midwestern states that swimsuit season is significantly shorter.

    2. Avoid Broad Match Keywords

      Broad match keywords are yet another common culprit of wasted ad budget. If you’re a shoe company bidding on the keyword ‘shoes’, you will eat up your budget and these types of keywords typically don’t perform well for advertisers. If you choose this method of advertising it will likely leave you with a lot of irrelevant, non-converting traffic.
      A solution to avoiding a lot of wasted ad budget is to take advantage of negative keywords. These will typically lead you to the most interested customers and will help you spend your ad budget much more efficiently. For example, if you offer pet services at your company but not grooming, you would add grooming as a negative keyword and that would eliminate people searching for pet grooming services to click on your business advertisement.

    3. Standard vs. Accelerated Ad Delivery

      Accelerated ad delivery is exactly how it sounds: spends your budget as fast as possible. If you ever use the accelerated method, it’s always in your best interest to monitor the campaign as closely as possible. If you have a campaign scheduled to run all day 24/7, and you’re also using the accelerated delivery method, that ad will start running at midnight and could potentially be out by 7 AM. Then you have no ad dollar left to spend on the rest of your day for consumers to click-through to your site. We recommend the standard ad delivery in almost all cases over the accelerated ad delivery method.

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