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Automated Insights Coming To Google Ads

New information from Google and Search Engine Land revealed today brand new products and features to be implemented in Google Ads. These new updates include automated insights, Performance Max campaigns, releasing Video Action out of beta and more. These are just a further indication of progress and new machine learnings by Google.

Insights Page in Google Ads

Building on the Rising Retail Categories, a tool that was released in May which surfaces fast-growing product searches, Google is introducing a new Insights page.

Google Ads UI will pull data from Rising Retail Categories as well as Google Trends data that is completely customized for each Ads account. In this new tool meant to highlight important insights driving business, advertisers will see searches that are currently trending in their respective industry. They will also have access to auction insights as well as interest predictions tailored to their account.

Insights will first be rolled out in beta, coming to the U.S. and UK initially in the fourth-quarter of this year.

Automated Performance Max Campaigns

Say hello to Google’s newest automated campaign type! Different from the other options of automated campaigns, Performance Max will run across all company inventory.

Performance Max will be eligible to run on Display Network, YouTube, Gmail, Discover, Search, and more. This was created in an effort to compliment the standard Google Search campaigns since they aren’t keyword-based or served via dynamic search ads.

Search Engine Land describes the campaign type, “the idea is to set up one campaign to reach across all non-Search inventory rather than create specialized ads for specific channels.”

This will be available to advertisers in the beta period starting next year, 2021.

Video Action Campaigns

Automated Video Action campaigns and direct-response for TV are performance-focused campaigns that will run on YouTube and Google video partners. Google plans to release this update to all advertisers in the coming weeks.

Jerry Dischler, vice president and GM of Ads at Google, disclosed that they are seeing progress with early direct-response tests. Video action campaigns also show on television screen inventory.

The full update can be found on Search Engine Land.

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