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SEO Strategy – Voice Search and its Impact in 2021

How many times have you said ‘Hey, Google?’ today? You would most certainly not be the only one. Voice search is not only on the rise, it’s becoming second nature for everyone in their day to day lives. It’s not only questions being directed at smart speakers, but there’s also a massive surge being used for mobile. With that being said, if you aren’t optimizing for voice search in 2021, that is likely to have an impact on your ranking in the future. Experts at Onimod Global are here to help you discover more about voice search and how your keyword decisions could make all the difference.

As usual, data is very telling. Almost one-third (27%) of the online users globally use mobile voice search. Those numbers will be considered minuscule in the future as they’re bound to double in the next few years. The big pressing question: why is this the case? Is it just because it’s practical, or because it’s convenient, or maybe just because it’s trendy? One thing is certain: it’s gaining popularity as it is for sure easy to use, fast, and conversational compared to conventional typing. 

Voice Search 101

By definition, voice search is voice recognition technology that allows users to perform searches by speaking directly to their supported devices. These range from smartphones like your iPhone and Samsung to your computers to any home assistant devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and many more device assistants. In total, Google voice searches have skyrocketed over the past several years, so how you incorporate voice search into your digital marketing strategy is a must. 

Whether you’re working as an SEO consultant or working on building a website right now from the ground up, we advise you to ensure your site and all pages are optimized it for voice search. 

Website Voice Search Optimization in 2021

You may still be asking yourself, what are all of the benefits that come with optimizing for voice search in 2021?

  • More revenue: More visitors mean will in turn result in more conversions, and more conversions will of course equal more revenue.  
  • Higher rankings: Almost always these queries will rank in the top 3 positions on search engine results pages (SERPs).   
  • Higher authority: When you start ranking for voice searches and increase your audience, you boost your website’s authority. 

There is of course a catch, and that catch is called keywords. So in order to make your voice search optimization work as planned, you need optimized content. As always, keywords are the key.   

Voice search SEO requires:   

  • Question-based keywords: Queries should be in the form of questions, as that is also how the query is typically formed
  • Long-tail keywords: Really think about user intent and focus on action queries 
  • Conversational content: Natural-sounding language is key

Your Google My Business Page Is Important

More often than not, most users finish their queries with the words “near me.” The determining factor for where your page will rank for those types of searches is the Google My Business listing. This is by far one of the easiest ways to get noticed by your target audience via voice search, but one important key factor is ensuring your content and all contact information are complete and on point. 

Google needs to know where your business is located when someone asks to display similar businesses in your area. Include your name, address, and phone number (NAP) in the listing and choose the right business category and area code. 

Additionally, you can try to rank for those “near me” queries by targeting local keywords that contain location-specific phrases that generate results related to the same geographic location. 

Final thoughts

In addition to voice search SEO strategies and other digital marketing tips, we will continue to share case studies and the latest digital marketing news and tips to help you drive your business. Our goal is to ensure we help improve your marketing and drive success.

At Onimod Global, we have endless experience and expertise when it comes to all things SEO, general social media advertising, and digital marketing. Got questions about how to optimize for voice search or want to learn more about us? Contact us here today.


Why Ecommerce Personalization Is Important

The most successful brands are ones that discover how to engage their customers and keep their attention so they come back, and one of the most effective ways to accomplish both is ecommerce personalization. Onimod Global experts are here to break down some of the best Ecommerce personalization tips to ensure your customer retention and conversion rates are optimized to the fullest potential.

1. Incorporate intelligent product-detail page recommendations

Product-detail page (PDP) recommendations show your customers similar or products that are complementary to the ones they’re already interested in. This simple yet complex feature increases the shopping cart values of customers in significant amounts. Here you can leverage dynamic up-selling by recommending items that are higher in price but similar in style or by brand. These products are the ones with higher margins and are also proven to have the best conversion rates.

2. Show continuous shopping for returning customers

POV: It’s a lazy Sunday, and your netflix has asked 3 times now if you’re still watching. This has been such a powerful tool in terms of customer retention and keeping customers on the Netflix app. The same type of tactic can also be applied to the Ecommerce experience. With Netflix, instead of manually searching and scanning through hundreds of shows and movies, you can pick up right where you left off with a simple shortcut on your screen.

Similarly, this approach remembers your visitor’s selected items and preferences through previous sessions and makes it easier for them to pick up right where they left off. Fair to admit that this isn’t a very complex algorithm, however it’s valuable because the buying process is made that much more simple for the customer encouraging conversion behavior.

3. Create customized bestseller lists to drive click-throughs

People are automatically drawn to popular products whether it be music, clothing, books, food trends, the list goes on. One of the best tools to take advantage of here is showing the bestsellers with a twist—by adding in the dimension of time. You can show the bestselling products over the last 24 hours, or dial in the past one hour, depending on how much traffic you have.

This is the best tip that definitely allows for you to get creative with this approach. For example, instead of ranking products by sales, try displaying the most reviewed or segment by location. Showing best sellers by location is particularly powerful if you sell fashion in multiple climates. It’s also a huge advantage if your store specializes in a specific type of niche product like prom dresses or sports gear. Your customers from Los Angeles probably aren’t shopping for the same clothing in winter as your shoppers from New York City are. It’s all about discovering what works best for your unique products and customers.

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