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Google Brings Lead Forms To YouTube

Google has been testing lead form ad extensions in Search campaigns since last fall.   The new feature works very similarly to lead generation ads on other platforms, where users submit their contact information in a form – to show interest in a product or service.

This extension will be available in Display campaigns later this year, Google noted in its announcement Wednesday, August 5th.

Google has expanded the field options available for collection since it initially started testing lead forms. Previously, you could collect information such as name, email, phone number and postal code. Now advertisers have the option to collect city, state, country as well as business contact information, including company name, job title, work email, work phone.

Next, you will see the options to have questions to your form based on pre-set questions set by vertical.       

One example of a question you can add could be under Real estate. An advertiser could opt to add “What price range are you looking for” to the lead form.

Some important key insights to keep in mind about lead form ad extensions from Search Engine Land:

  • Engagement with lead forms won’t be attributed to actions users subsequently take on your site.
  • They are not available to advertisers in sensitive verticals or sub-verticals.
  • Segment the performance report by “click” and “conversion type” to see lead form click and submission/conversion data.
  • Engagement with lead forms won’t show up in Analytics because users never arrive on your site.


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