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3 Live Streaming Tips Every Content Marketer Needs To Know

Live streaming in 2021 is a game changer in terms of brand awareness and growing a following. This feature now offered on multiple platforms is a fun, rewarding, and incredibly valuable tool for growing your brand in an online space. The number of B2C content marketers using live streaming in their content mix almost tripled between 2019 and 2020 (13% vs. 35%). When it comes to creating a professional live stream, it’s difficult to keep viewers engaged. Often times there needs to be many moving part, but the payoff is huge and worth it to put in the effort. There is heavy competition among content creators, so in this post we will share some streaming tips and tricks to help you achieve success.

Promote on multiple platforms

Are you doing an IG Live to promote a new line coming out for your brand? Promote that on every channel possible. Don’t limit yourself to an audience that’s only on one platform. This also includes promotion while the live is starting during any platform. Make sure you’re sending out tweets that your live is happening now for anyone that wants to view the products in action. Also, don’t be afraid to let your live run for a bit with only a logo for some time as it’s proven longer live streams perform better than short ones. Just make sure that you’re available to answer any questions for your audience while they wait. However, this pre-roll method isn’t ideal for Facebook Live in particular. The live video is featured in newsfeeds, so it is unfortunately easy to scroll past and miss.

Is your live over? Now time to share on all platforms you can. Edit snippets and upload an IGTV or reel, add video to Twitter, upload to LinkedIn and Facebook, the list is endless. The point is to make sure that your quality content is able to be revisited by your customers that are still interested in your product but missed the live stream.

Respond to comments live

This is the perfect set up for a live Q&A on your brand, your product, your service, anything you want to discuss with your audience! This is where authenticity is key for your audience, it can be very off script and conversational as you discuss any topic with your customer directly. Having an extra set of eyes on your live stream is very important in this case. The extra person helps provide support and can read you questions from your viewers. They also are helpful to inform you of any problems you can’t see, such as audio sync issues or products out of frame.

This is also perfect to set up a Q&A with a guest, multiple leaders in your company, or brand ambassadors. Not only is live streaming more fun and engaging more people, but the additional company offers fresh insights and perspectives to make your live show more interesting.

Do it, but don’t overdo it

It is clear that there is tremendous that value live streaming can bring to a brand – as long as brands focus on creating content that makes their community want to come back for more. This doesn’t need to be expensive production for your team either, because it doesn’t have to be overly produced. Everything to get started – a good camera, microphone, lighting, and a streaming service – can be purchased online.

To increase engagement, go live at a regular time to build up an audience. Inconsistent and irregular frequency of live streams will only frustrate your audience. Consistency in your schedule also makes it easier to market and promote the show. For example, hosting a new influencer on your channel every Tuesday at 6 PM to try on the new collection of jewelry.

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