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3 Tactics For Marketers Promoting St. Patrick’s Day

Successfully marketing any brand or business requires creative strategy, careful execution, patience, and sometimes, a little luck. This is especially the case during any holiday season when business everywhere is trying to bring in the most traffic. Holiday activities and flood of marketing messages can make it difficult to capture customers’ attention. Experts at Onimod Global are here to help your business stand out from the rest with these unique marketing tactics.


  1. Create One Focused Offer

    Make sure whatever you’re offering has a specific focus. Whether it be retail, a food and drink, or service deal, it’s important that all your marketing initiatives and brand messaging tie back to one focused activity for maximum results. Many businesses often promote a variety of deals and specials, however the lack of cohesiveness between these promotions is distracting and makes it difficult to drive action.

  2.  Match Holiday and Theme

    Discounts are one of the more common promotions, mix it up and go with a trend of the holiday! Be creative with your prize — find something that your target audience would value, and make that the reward. If discounts are typically more successful for your business, go with a green-themed discount. Try offering a discount to customers wearing green, or run a sale on all your green items (colored or environmentally friendly).

  3. Campaigning Prior to St. Patrick’s Day

    Similar to choosing one promotional offer, it’s very important that your marketing campaign is cohesive throughout. Starting with social, create custom visuals and videos to share across your social platforms. Tweets with images are retweeted 150-percent more than text-only tweets. By using media in your posts, you’ll increase social engagement which in turn will increase day-of foot traffic to your business. Some of the basic changes you might want to make include restyling your logo using green, updating your social headers to highlight your special offer, and pining your promotional post to the top of your page.


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