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Why You Should Combine Social and SEA

Are you a PPC connoisseur or a paid social media pro? Are you neither of these things and looking for more insight on how to develop a paid digital marketing strategy? You have definitely come to the right place, as Onimod Global experts are here to share insight on both types of paid digital advertising and where it makes sense for you to invest you ad dollar.

Reasons to combine SEA and social media advertising

Why should PPC and social media ads be combined and regarded as a unit? When you combine the social media activities with PPC, you activate double the power online. Simply put: it’s a great way to increase your brand awareness and generate new leads.

1. PPC is successful: Search engine advertising that is targeted can lead to website traffic and success in just a short period of time. Use this effect to make your social media channels not only grow in following, but also in conversions.

2. Control demographics and usage: Users’ demographics cannot be controlled accurately when only using search engines. One the other hand, social media channels contain a huge collection of personal information such as photos and demographics – it’s worth using these data for PPC as well.

The journey to paid digital advertising

The journey to the goal of your paid digital advertising success is most often anything but straightforward. This is a crucial point that should always be kept in mind during your strategy process. Through being strategic with a funnel ad campaign, your customers may very often come into contact with your brand before they decide to buy. Another important note is people may already know your brand from a variety of platforms and influencers and have become aware of you in a positive way. This potential circumstance makes them more likely to click on PPC ads.

Due to all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, have become indispensable in many people’s everyday lives. They therefore offer excellent opportunities for “advertising”. Not in the traditional sense, though, but in much more creative ad formats that are meant to look native to the platform being disguised among organic content.

The difference between social media ads and PPC

Social ads are ads created for and shared on all social media platforms. Depending on the platform, the ads appear on users’ news feeds and, ideally, users will become more familiar with your brand and convert. The clearly designed Facebook ad manager will guide you through the creation of a campaign in which you act strategically and define your goals in the first step. You can create campaigns for Facebook or for Instagram.

Are you currently directing traffic from your PPC clicks only to websites or shops? Yes, that would make the most sense, because you generate the most revenue. Try something different and you may be surprised on the result: promote your social media channels through PPC. For example, make relevant content for your consumers which will lead them to wanting to consume more of your organic content.

This is where all of the success comes into play: with all of these platforms. you build a relationship with your customers and strengthen the image of your brand. The purchase of your product is not yet in the foreground of many people, if they, for example, are not yet familiar (enough) with the brand. However, if you manage to turn these people into fans of your Instagram page, their initial interest in your brand may eventually grow into a decision to make a purchase.

Final thoughts

All in all, we recommend you to ensure their is a cohesiveness between your brand and organic content to your social media ads, and PPC advertising is just as important from a search engine perspective. In addition to paid digital advertising and other digital marketing tips, we will continue to share case studies and the latest digital marketing news and tips to help you drive your business. Our goal is to ensure we help improve your marketing and drive success.

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How To Create An Effective Facebook Lead Form Campaign

Have you been interested in generating more leads from Facebook? Facebook lead forms and their capabilities are a big part of why so many businesses rely on the social platform for their advertising. Rightfully so, these campaigns have increased potential for thousands of brands to acquire new customers.

In this article, you will learn how to not only set up your Facebook lead form campaigns, but also make sure they are effective in generating quality leads for your business.

How to create a Facebook lead generation campaign

To start, you will set up a campaign as normal in the Facebook Business Manager or any other campaign management platform tool you use. Since we’re focused on customer acquisition, choose “Lead generation” from the list of objectives.

Facebook lead generation


When choosing audiences for this campaign, we recommend choosing custom or lookalike audiences. This way you can ensure the audience is highly relevant, therefore increasing the quality of your leads as well. After you complete setting up your campaign with audiences, budget, and creatives, it’s time to move onto creating your lead form.

Creating a Facebook lead form

To create the form is simple, however to optimize for best results is in small details that can make a huge difference.

First, you will need to choose which type of form you want to use for the campaign.

Your options are:

  • More Volume, which is a form that’s quite simple to fill out and optimized specifically for mobile
  • Higher Intent, which takes the customer through that one extra step to confirm their information which indicates higher level of intent from generated leads

Facebook lead generation

Fill out the other information listed, including a privacy policy, and more or less you are finished with the form. But what about optimization and making sure you are getting the absolute maximum potential from your lead form?

Optimization tips for your lead ads

  1. Ask the right amount of questions. In an experiment done by Adespresso, they found that the more questions you ask on your lead form, the higher your cost per lead will be. The other important finding is that removing too many barriers between the customer and the conversion will put your campaign at risk for generating very low quality leads.
    lead ad performance in correlation to the number of questions asked
    According to this chart from Adespresso, the most significant data to pay attention to is the difference in CPL at 5 versus 6 questions. The cost more than doubles per lead. We would advise you on including 5 or fewer questions for your customers on lead forms.
  2. Present an enticing offer. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Use it as a way to introduce a product or service to your audience that is very low-effort from the customer’s side. Lead forms are also growing in popularity to use during busy seasons such as Black Friday week to sign up for “exclusive deals” or subscribe to a newsletter for early access. This is where your lead form will come in handy to collect their information to nurture the relationship to an eventual conversion.
  3. Make your questions sales-oriented. High numbers of lead generation from a campaign may look good on paper, but they are essentially useless if the quality is not relevant. The best leads are qualified leads. These are the people most likely to buy something. To find these people, use your instant form to ask qualifying questions. Another way to make sure your campaigns are relevant is to be very specific with audience targeting, utilizing several custom and lookalike audiences based on website visits, past leads, or anything else relevant for your company.

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