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5 Strategies To Use Customer Testimonials To Gain Leads

We all look for and act on social proof, otherwise known as reviews or recommendations from any community. These recommendations can come in many forms. Word-of-mouth, third-party reviews, as well as what I’m focusing on in this article – testimonials. Customer testimonials influence us all of the time, even subconsciously, on how we behave and also our purchasing decisions.

It doesn’t really matter anymore who the review or recommendation is coming from. What matters is that we see evidence from our peers about services or products that either worked or didn’t. What matters is that we’re seeing evidence from our peers – in this context, other consumers – that the decision we’re about to make to purchase is the right one.

Design Great Testimonials

A great testimonial should include specific product or service details, but what does it all entail? Vague statements such as “great product” or “loved it” don’t usually persuade a customer.  Instead, your testimonials should describe what is so great about your product or service and how it benefited your customers. Include elements such as a name, date, and photographs of the customer or brand that you worked with. This information all serves to help legitimize the testimonial.

Improving Customer Experience

This goal is relatively straightforward. If you improve customer experience, you’ll satisfy more people and generate more testimonials. Consistent engagement is very important because only 28% of positive customer experiences end with leaving a review. If you’re putting effort in to enhance the customer experience, make sure you are also including feedback collection features. It is important to give your consumers the opportunity to provide a customer testimonial.

Understand Customer Journeys

Customer service teams often focus on negative feedback, but we want to remind you that there is a lot to learn from positive reviews as well. They tell you what your company is doing right and what you shouldn’t change. Understanding your customer journeys will help you replicate customer success and generate future testimonials.

Use Visual Content

What’s even better than a text box talking about your amazing products or services? Video content.

For a few of your most enthusiastic and dedicated customers, invest in video production of their testimonials to bring their stories to life. The video will tell your story across different media — on your website, YouTube, and social media — in a unique and engaging way.

Feature Content Anywhere Possible

If you have any compelling case studies, make sure to feature them anywhere you can on your site. Other creative ways to feature them are putting a link to the case studies on your blog, in your email signature, and in all of your social media profiles. The more places potential customers can see the results of your work across different media, the better.

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