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Mobile Search Traffic has Taken Over Desktop

It’s no surprise that the quantity of mobile searches has eclipsed desktop searches in the past 2-3 years. The rate of mobile/tablet searches compared to desktop will continue to rise in the future as well. According to Brightedge, it’s reported now that “57% of all search traffic is coming through smartphones and tablets. Compared to 43% from desktop searches.” Listed below are some factors as to why mobile search traffic will continue to surpass desktop.

One of the reasons this remains the case is simplicity and convenience. Smartphones are typically on us at all times and that allows for convenient search engine access at the “tip of our fingers.” Literally in the click of 2-3 buttons, a Google search can be conducted on any smartphone or tablet. This trend isn’t going anywhere in the near future as well. According to the Pew Research Center “Approximately three quarters (77%) of all adults in America today own a smartphone.”

Evolution of Mobile Users

Image from the Pew Research Center













The “always on the go” mentality of society today is another reason for increased mobile search traffic. Everyone’s got something going on and people are always on the move. Moreover, the direct result of this mindset is a large volume of search traffic coming from mobile devices. Lets say you’re out and about trying to find a place to eat for instance. What’s the first instinct that comes to mind – mobile searching on Google. “Best restaurant in the area” or “best places to eat in the city” are common searches that would be used in these scenarios. In the end, mobile search traffic will continue to flourish and it’s up to advertisers to know how to adapt to this trend.

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