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Updates to Facebook Advertising and View Tags

Facebook is always developing new strategies for measuring the effectiveness of ads on their site. Recently, the company added several third-party solutions, 18 to be exact, to improve measurements of ads. In doing so, Facebook decided to cut back on the capabilities of what their view tags can do.

What is a Facebook view tag?

You can find this excellent tool on the ad level of Ads Manager and Power Editor, and this functions similar to the Facebook pixel due to conversion tracking. However, they differ in that the view tag tracks with cookies who viewed the ad but didn’t click on it at the moment. Facebook pixel will only track users that clicked-through your advertisement after viewing or interacted with your business on Facebook. For example, if you were to see an ad of a bathing suit on Facebook and scrolled past it, and later decided to search and buy the suit, the view tag will track that conversion through cookies on your browser. These cookies can remain on your browser for years until they are cleared or expired.

Why is this a valuable tool?

Advertisemint does a great job at explaining why view tags can be very beneficial:

“View Tags is beneficial because you can track both the people who have clicked your ad and the people who have not. If you don’t use View Tags, you will miss the largest segment of users who later acted on the offer without clicking the ad. One campaign by SocialCode found that 87 percent of conversions came from impressions, not clicks. This means 87 percent of users saw the ad, didn’t take the business’ offer straight from the ad, then later converted from the business’ website.”

What is changing?

This is currently how view tags work for Facebook advertising, but they are switching things up slightly. According to Marketing Land, Facebook commented:

“Moving forward, we’ll work with a more focused set of view tag providers to allow them to count impressions for verification purposes, but view tags will no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting.”

A few partners that have been added to Facebook’s marketing partner program that offer viewability metrics are Meetrics and DoubleVerify. View tags on Facebook will now be only authorized to count impressions, and tracking will no longer be available.

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