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5 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats So Far in January

Although only a little over 2 weeks have passed by in January, 2018 has been an interesting year so far in the digital marketing world with some surprising statistics. Some of the stats listed are from Christopher Heine in his Adweek article that caught our attention.

1. Branded Content Booming on Facebook
Many marketers and organizations have the mindset that spending ad dollar on Facebook is the only way to receive a large amount of impressions, clicks, shares, etc. According to a study from an article in Marketing Land,  they found that branded content posts on Facebook rack up twice as many earned media impressions as paid advertising impressions. “833 branded content posts received 617,986 paid impressions compared to more than 1.2 million earned impressions.”

2. Breakdown of Social Media Users
The number of overall social media users has continued to increase so far in January. According to the Pew Research Center, they found that around “69 percent of U.S. adults are now social media users.” Another interesting statistic they found was that “86 percent of 18 to 29 year olds are the demographic that patronize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and other social platforms.” Ultimately, social media continues to attract new individuals and it will be important to keep an eye out on the age demographics of users.

3. App Install Ads
So far in the month of January it appears as if app install advertisements have been a success. Apple claims that “50 percent of consumers who click on ads they see in the App Store download the app.” This is good news for corporations like Facebook, Twitter, and others as the Adweek article touches on how the “app install space has driven revenues for these organizations.” It will be very interesting to see how Google will respond to Apple’s recent app install successes with their Google Play Store.

4. Continued Growth of Global Advertising
There are always a large number of U.S. organizations that are looking to expand their advertising presence internationally. The article mentions how “events such as the Olympics, European Football Championship and the presidential election propelled global ad revenue to $532 billion in 2016.” The interesting part is that global digital ads “totaled around $160 billion or 30% of worldwide ad revenue.” Based off these numbers, expect to see a larger presence of international digital marketing in the future.

5. New Years Live Viewing
It appears that more people are starting to watch the Times Square ball drop on their smartphones then their televisions. Facebook found that “more than 10 million people used Facebook Live on New Year’s Eve , which is up 47 percent from 2016.” This meant that Facebook had ten times the number of viewers as CNN, as the annual countdown only totaled “1.7 million viewers in prime time.” Moreover, this shows how live viewing has major implications on the future of the television industry as pulling up a live stream on a smart phone is a much more convenient approach than turning on the T.V.

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