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3 Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies

Even though the majority of the world is still in the thick of COVID-19, it is crucial to consider what the post-COVID world is going to mean for our customers, our businesses, and the way we go about advertising and marketing. The speed at which we are “going digital” has been fully accelerated during the pandemic and has given brand new or additional power to many online industries. This past year has introduced a lot of firsts for us as a society, for example being very reliant on Amazon or Zoom to simply get through the day. This means that as digital marketers, we want to make decisions that use this new reliance on technology to our advantage. Experts at Onimod Global have formulated 3 top strategies that you can put into place to market successfully in a post-pandemic world.

1. Move everything online

If you haven’t already, this is an absolute must for post-pandemic times. Now is the time to increase your online presence. You likely already have some of your business functions online, but the pandemic has shown us just how much more we can do online. For example, moving order opportunities and implementing automated emails could be a great first step to going digital.

A couple of ideas on what this might look like:

  • Hosting webinars to maintain current customer relationships and attract new customers.
  • Investing in a good customer relationship management (CRM) software.

No matter what industry you’re in, there is always a way to take your business online, and having those capabilities will help to set you apart from your competitors and stand out to potential customers.

2. Invest in social media ads

The ROI on PPC ads in many industries has skyrocketed as more and more people had to stay at home and focused heavily on social media. This is a good way to remind people that your business is alive and well and that you aim to be a very significant part of the ‘new normal’.

If you have a strict marketing budget, a great place to start would be Facebook ads. Facebook ads in are quite affordable by PPC compared to other social media advertising—even for local businesses—and can help you showcase any changes you have made to your business or any COVID-19-exclusive discounts or promotions you might be offering.

With Facebook’s granular audience targeting capabilities, you can reach customers on a variety of different demographics. They can be based on gender, location, hobbies and interest, marital status, profession, and the list goes on.

3. Focus in on main paid advertising channels post-pandemic

As mentioned above, PPC ads are going to be very beneficial and cost effective. However, focusing on Google Ads, LinkedIn ads, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads all at once is most likely going to you spread you too thin. It is best to determine where your target audience is spending their time and then focus most of your PPC efforts on those channels.

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