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Digital Synergy Reports With Google Data Studio

The most essential piece to the puzzle of measuring success: data. Often delivered to you in an excel spreadsheet or word document, data can occasionally be painfully boring or confusing to interpret. The expert digital marketers at Onimod Global, trusted Google Partners, develop custom dynamic digital dashboards with Google Studio for all of our clients.


No more waiting for boring static reports in your inbox on Monday mornings.


Google Data Studio is designed to work together – all Google products in addition to other solutions are all compatible with this platform. Google Analytics, Google Ads, and more are all on one page with high-quality visuals for you to easily see what is performing well for you and what isn’t.

The large selection choice or graphs and charts gives us the opportunity to completely customize your reports making data the most transparent and easy to interpret for you and your company.

Individuals and teams from your company can easily view, add comments, and view different versions of data based on your preferred segmentation. The digital dashboards we create with Google Data Studio allows for revolutionary collaboration abilities in real-time with all changes automatically saved.

We offer this service to our clients because our goal is to increase our efficiency while we save you time and the eye sore of looking through boring spreadsheets of numbers.


Onimod Global is a trusted Google Partner, assuring you that you’re working with the best in the business. A Google Partner is an online marketing company, trusted by Google. Look for the badge on our site, this recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products.