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Women to Watch in the Digital Marketing Industry

We have already discussed the importance of women in digital marketing, but let’s take a look at how a few specific women are shaping its future.

Many brands are currently shifting their target audience to include more millennials. After all, it is a huge market of potential revenue.

Women & The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has recently launched a campaign that targets women of this generation. This news comes from an article by Sami Main of Adweek.

The article discusses the strategy behind the WSJ campaign and why they anticipate its success. The campaign will showcase a diverse and ambitious female character.

The goal is for the Wall Street Journal to take a positive stance regarding ambition and action, which are very often reflected by millennial women. Suzi Watford, evp and CMO of the Wall Street Journal, explained the concept further by saying, “People want and need a more diverse business leadership of the future.”

Up and Comers

Adweek recently released another article that brought praise to several “rising tech stars”. The list was comprised of many accomplished men, but also included 5 outstanding women in the digital field. These women are:

  • Stephanie Horbaczewski: Founder of StyleHaul, Stephanie shows a particular focus in the areas of analytics and social networking. Her company has combined the two into a product called Society. This product works to provide creators with access to data about every piece of content that they produce and post through their page.
  • Nithya Thadani: Recently named president of digital consultancy for Rain, Nithya has been pulling the company into the future as a leading tech-focused innovator. Despite Rain’s fast paced growth, it aims to continue this positive trend in the near future. As Nithya put it, “We’ve barely scratched the surface of how this will impact marketers.”
  • Anda Gansca: Coming all the way from Transylvania, Gansca has a more objective viewpoint than most in this industry. With plenty of technology resources at her side, Gansca offers incredible insight to advertisers that ultimately help them to better serve their own consumers. This human element is very important to her and she elaborates by stating, “I think it’s really easy in our industry to lose track of the fact that we’re ultimately serving people, not impressions.”
  • Tiffany Zhong: Although she is the youngest in this short list of impressive ladies, Tiffany Zhong has used her few years of experience wisely. She places a particular interest on Generation Z. Zhong claims that her company, Zebra Intelligence, is one of a kind because, “No one has done Gen Z research to such an extent.”
  • April Underwood:Slack id a platform that works to connect teams with everything they need to get the job done. April has taken their original base of 1 million users and grow it to an astounding 6 million. Underwood told Adweek that her advice for other female executives is to take time to develop relationships outside of your day job and find a career that allows you to focus on more than one thing.