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Google Update is Coming April 21st – Is Your Website Mobile Ready?

Non-mobile friendly websites to see lower ranking in mobile search results.

On April 21, Google will roll out a large change to its search algorithm. It will affect all pages of a website that Google deems “non-mobile friendly.” The updates will be real time, meaning that if you correct the deficiencies Google is finding, the next time the website is crawled, it will regain mobile traffic.

Scope-wise this is supposed to be one of the bigger algorithm changes. Google was quoted saying that this update would have a “significant impact” on mobile search results.

The exact implications of the update are unknown, but Google has stated the algorithm update will only affect mobile search results.

The Mobile Market is Huge

While a stolen or missing wallet is reported to the authorities only after 24 hours in most cases, a lost mobile is reported within the hour in almost all cases. Such is the addiction to mobile phones.
Why Mobile Marketing Matters.

As the mobile phone is carried on person by most people, they are used in 3 out of 5 searches for any product or service online. Over three-fourths of Smartphone owners are dependent on their phones for getting directions, or any location-specific information. Mobile Marketer says that not all mobile searches are casual or just out of curiosity: over 70% of these searches always end up in concrete action leading to fruitful purchases within the hour.Almost 61% of these searches almost invariably end up with phone calls inquiring about the product or service.

When it comes to coupons, mobile coupons are redeemed with an alacrity that is often absent in conventional searches. By the end of last year, almost half of the reported internet traffic was attributed to mobile phones, such is the impact. The world over, people seem to prefer using their mobiles for secure banking transactions, any sort of local information, travel related searches, a wide range of shopping, sports updates, and reading through any interesting blogs. More people access Facebook and Twitter from their mobile phones than the conventional desktops or laptops. Mobile apps for music are more popular with today’s trendy crowd, who also look up maps or the latest games on their mobile phones.

How to Make Your Site Mobile Ready and Boost Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is all the more important today as mobile search activities cater to specific needs of users who are a busy lot, and are always on the go. The mobile platform characteristics should include different formats, matching speed and technology. Mobile users browsing sites are a totally different lot and tend to lap up content in a different manner using their mobiles, for which they need websites that are mobile-ready.

A recent survey indicates that one out of five cell phone users in America use their phones while going online. They take quick glances amid other tasks they attend to (multitasking), and are constrained to view content, including images on a very small screen.

What You Need To Know

If a large percentage of your web traffic is from mobile devices and your pages are non-mobile friendly, you could see a drop in overall traffic to your website.

*Tip* If your website has Google Analytics installed, you can check your website’s mobile traffic via Audience -> Mobile -> Overview.

Be proactive and work on making top traffic-driving pages, which can also be identified in Google Analytics, mobile-friendly before April 21. Here’s are a few tools to get started:

  • Check your Google Webmaster’s Mobile Usability Reports here.
  • Run the Mobile-Friendly test on each page of your website (or at least the major traffic drivers) here.
  • Brush up on Google’s Webmaster’s Mobile Guide here.

Final Word

So, isn’t your site mobile ready yet? With the world going mobile these days, it’s time you act fast. The handheld devices are fast overtaking their big brothers and very soon, they could be the only business platforms.

Need help updating your website to be mobile-friendly? That’s what Onimod Global are here for, so contact us today.