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Mobilegeddon? We find out Today

Today is the big day, known as Mobilegeddon, with the Google Mobile Friendly Update starting to roll out today.

Note, if you have not made your site mobile friendly yet, it isn’t too late, you can always go ahead and do it in the future and benefit from this mobile friendly algorithm.

Google has confirmed with us that the roll out “will start rolling out” today, April 21st. Google said they will publish a blog post today summarizing their original blog post on February 26th announcing the upcoming update.

Google has already posted some of those details on the French Google Webmaster Blog, which is their own version of mobile friendly FAQs. I have to imagine you will be able to find the English version of that soon on the Google Webmaster blog, but nothing yet.

We will be watching the Google mobile search results, like many of you already are, and keep you updated on the timing of this release. One important note, even when Google officially starts rolling out the update, it can take a few weeks for it to fully roll out. In the French Google Webmaster Blog, they said (used Google Translate to translate the text):

“You can not definitively determine whether the ranking of your site is affected by this update as soon as April 22. We will begin to deploy mobile optimization update April 21, but it will take about a week for it applies to all pages of the index.”

As of right now, we do not see the mobile friendly update live yet in the mobile results.

More to come…