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How Your e-Commerce Businesses can get the Most out of Facebook

Sites like Etsy, Amazon and eBay have made it easier than ever to open an online store and jump on the e-commerce bandwagon. Now advertising on Facebook is essential for success in today’s e-commerce market. For many online merchants, Facebook is more than a tool to drive sales, it’s a platform to market and sell products, build brand identity and interact with customers. But where and when do you start to place your ads? Who are you targeting and how do you succeed in reaching them successfully?

Here’s Onimod Global’s top tips for marketing an e-commerce business on Facebook…

How to target
  • Targeting allows you to reach people who are more likely to take action on your ads. The better the targeting, the more relevant the ads.
  • If you’re looking to acquire new customers, create a Lookalike Audience of your best customers. Create this from a custom audience of your customers with high average order or high lifetime value. You only need 20 matched people in your audience to create your custom audience.
The best way to bid
  • Test different bidding strategies. We see the best performance from using oCPM to optimize spend. You may need change your conversion event to something other than Checkouts to get sufficient transaction volume. See other types of categories that will help you define different kinds of conversion events.
  • Aim for 30-50 conversion events per day so that oCPM can get better over time
  • Don’t switch your settings too often. Generally speaking, you should allow at least four days to arrive at steady state.
Creative can make a campaign
  • For product images, be sure to use focal point photos with the product in focus in front of a blurry, yet relevant, background. For example, if you sell basketball shoes you might focus on the shoe with a court in the background. We’ve seen that this can make all the difference for conversion rates.

Bad Example:

Good example:
  • For product shots with models (such as apparel, shoes or wearables), crop the picture so the model’s head is not fully in view. This way you keep focus on the product, and not the model.

Sell A Product
  • Have 3-5 pieces of creative ready per campaign to avoid creative burnout. For carousel link ads, you’ll want to feature even more images.
  • Here are more great creative tips.
What placement makes sense for your ads
  • Use News Feed to introduce your business and product to a new consumer
  • Use right hand column ads for re-targeting campaigns. These impressions can be more economical, and generally ensure the user is on desktop where they’re more likely to convert.
  • If your website is not mobile optimized, you can run a simple test to see all the sales you could be missing out on. Using Custom Audiences from your website, re-target people who viewed products on mobile devices and didn’t convert. Those were sales you might have made if your site had a better mobile experience.
  • If you’re site is mobile optimized, make sure your landing page loads in less than five seconds, is optimized for mobile screens, and that your site has easy purchase optimization, such as Paypal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay or Google Wallet

Finally, Facebook isn’t just an extension of your company’s marketing. It’s also a customer service portal that needs to be monitored and manned around the clock. Use Facebook to reach out to customers, respond to questions and resolve complaints. If a customer sends you a private message or voices a complaint, reply in a timely fashion. Failing to do so could potentially hurt your online reputation.

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