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Digital Marketing Advice From Procter & Gamble’s Chief Brand Officer

Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer of Procter & Gamble, had many things to share with the attendants of the most recent ANA’s Masters of Marketing Conference.

Kristina Monllos of Adweek reported on the event, and gave keen insight into Prichard’s presentation. Prichard referenced his many years of experience working with the P&G brand, and the struggles it has faced through digital marketing and advertising.

The same concerns are often echoed in the experiences of all marketers. Everyone grapples with challenges in their marketplace and the positioning of their own brand. There are always new ways to innovate, create, and improve upon what already exists.

Prichard hit on the following main topics as ways for a brand to rethink their digital marketing tactics:

  • Transparency
  • Ad Quality
  • Mass One-to-One Marketing
  • Messages For Good


Brand transparency is a rapidly increasing area of concern for consumers. It has become the norm to assume that advertising and marketing is dishonest and untrustworthy.

In order to convince people that your brand is truly the best choice for them, you need to gain their trust. Consumers won’t believe just anything that you tell them. In today’s market, potential customers prefer to be shown rather than told about a brand.

So how do you go about showing off your brand’s trustworthiness? For more insight into the subject of brand transparency, take a look at another Onimod Global Blog, “The Importance of Transparency in Digital Marketing” by clicking HERE.

Ad Quality

The quality of your advertisements is what will determine its relevance. Major search engines like Google have no greater purpose than to provide the most relevant results for its users.

Google makes continual updates to its algorithm to maintain its search engine’s integrity. Click HERE to learn more via our article, “What Google’s Algorithm Adjustment Means for Digital Marketing.”

Another key aspect of quality ads is their frequency. You want to make sure that you are showing your ad to the right consumers, but don’t overdo it. In the case of P&G, Prichard explained the brand’s struggles with ad frequency by saying, “Excess frequency is a massive source of waste, and it really annoys consumers. No wonder ad blockers are growing 20 percent a year. I mean, how many times does a person need to see a toilet paper ad to get the point?”

Mass One-to-One Marketing

The title of this digital marketing topic is a bit perplexing. After all, how can something be unique and personalized while also being applied on a mass scale? The meaning behind this idea is to make an ad as personable as possible, while also applying it to a large audience.

This complex concept is often put to use in many ways that you may already be familiar with. For instance, if you have recently made a purchase through Amazon, then you will likely receive a follow up email from Amazon asking you to review the product. Amazon sends the same follow up message to thousands of other users, but only if they have selected to purchase that individual product.

Messages For Good

It is a bit unclear as to what Prichard meant by “messages for good” in Monllos’ article. This may be referring to a cause marketing strategy, which has proven to be very successful for many brands in recent years.

It may also be discussing the development of an advertising strategy that will withstand the test of time. In order to leave consumers with a clear idea of a brand, you have to make sure you are delivering a consistent message.

Prichard announced that the brand’s shifts in digital marketing strategy are, “about two-thirds complete on these steps today and should be largely finished by the end of 2017.” Keep an eye out to see the meaning of this fourth and final brand objective unfold through P&G’s digital marketing efforts in the following months.

Brand New(s)

In the meantime, stay up to date on the latest digital marketing news by visiting the Onimod Global Blog today! Our team is constantly working to provide expert insight into digital marketing trends all over the world. Click HERE to visit our blog and learn what your brand may be missing!