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4 Simple SEO Content Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic

Producing strong content is great, but does it drive relevant traffic? The ultimate purpose behind content marketing should always be driving as much relevant traffic as possible to your website, landing pages, or any other form of conversion method. At the end of the day, paying attention to basic SEO fundamentals will enhance content marketing efforts. Ignoring the basic, technical SEO issues that arise will come back to haunt you in the long run. Listed below are four basic, but essential SEO content marketing strategies to increase organic traffic.

Pay Attention to Meta Descriptions
It’s no surprise how important meta descriptions are when it comes to organic search results and ranking well. Well developed meta descriptions can result in better engagement rates and generate more online visibility for your content. The downside is however once a meta description is created, most people never think about it again. Why does this matter? Well according to an article from Search Engine Land, “Google increased the maximum length of search results snippets from 160 characters to 320 characters.” Therefore, this could be a missed opportunity, as adding more enticing content to descriptions has great potential to increase traffic.

Include Internal Links
Although having relevant outbound links is important, including internal links in your content is crucial when it comes to SEO purposes. According to an article from Yoast, “adding internal links connects your content and ensures that Google can crawl your site to help with better rankings.” Like outbound links, internal links can also become nonexistent and point to irrelevant or missing pages. This can cause major problems regarding search engine visibility and can upset visitors to the site. Overall, implementing proper inbound links will boost organic rankings and improve content marketing efforts.

Monitor Page Speed
In addition to the other factors previously listed, page speed is also important when it comes to content marketing and increasing SEO rankings. Many organizations fall behind in this aspect because their belief is to implement WordPress themes with plenty of plugins, which just decreases site speed. The Search Engine Land article points out that “CSS and JavaScript files the plugins load add unnecessary HTTP requests. The more HTTP requests, the slower your website will load.” Ultimately, if page speed is not consistently monitored, organic rankings will suffer as a result.

Check Broken Outbound Links
This one seems obvious, but websites come and go overtime with ownership changes and domains shutting down. This means that any links that were directed to a meaningful source at one point may now be irrelevant. The Search Engine Land article recommends utilizing tools like “Screaming Frog” that will scan all outbound links in your content to ensure broken links don’t exist. Moreover, checking broken links is often times forgotten about, and this has a detrimental effect on both content quality and SEO efforts.

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