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3 Important Traits That Successful Digital Marketers Must Have

Although there are numerous traits that digital marketing professionals must have to be successful, there are some in particular that appear to be more critical than others. Perseverance, detail oriented, and being a team player are all important traits. However, from our experience here at Onimod Global, here are three traits that we have found to be essential drivers of digital marketing success.

1. Flexibility
The digital marketing industry is constantly innovating with updates and changes happening on a weekly or sometimes daily basis. Just look at how quickly platforms change or what factors are most important for quality SEO rankings. Therefore, in order to become a successful digital marketer having that ability to be flexible and thriving on change is a must. Successful digital marketing agencies have employees who are willing to adapt and can keep up with the speed of the industry.

2. Focus on Fundamentals
Fundamentals and basics such as writing, communication, and listening are all crucial skills when it comes to digital marketing. Although having advanced skills like SEO knowledge and website development expertise is important, the basic fundamentals of successful digital marketers can sometimes be overlooked. An article from Marketing Land portrays an example of “having a great idea to boost website traffic, but being unable to communicate it well to a client can be a huge setback.” Ultimately, there should always be a focus on fundamentals because without them it’s very difficult to execute successful digital marketing strategies.

3. Dedication
One of the most important traits any successful digital marketer has is dedication, and the hunger to always want to learn more and become the best. The best digital marketing agencies consist of marketers who are self motivated and will do whatever it takes to rise to the top of their field. What does being a dedicated digital marketer really mean though? An article from the Digital Marketing Institute talks about how driven digital marketers “attend conferences, build strong networks, take refresher courses, stay on top of industry news, and always learn new skills.” In the end, being dedicated and passionate when it comes to digital marketing will set successful marketers apart from the mediocre ones.

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