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Why Programmatic Video Advertising is on the Rise in 2019

In the recent years programmatic advertising has quickly gained a substantial amount of popularity, especially among digital advertisers.

It’s estimated that they will be dedicating even more of their budgets to programmatic video inventory in 2019. It is estimated by eMarketer that programmatic video ad spend will reach $29.24 billion, which would account for almost 50% of all programmatic display advertising spending this year.

Why exactly is this strategy gaining so much popularity and why do digital advertisers believe it is valuable enough to be spending almost half of their budget on it? Are there possible downfalls?

What is Programmatic Video Advertising?

Programmatic video advertising is essentially the use of bots to buy ad space according to set prerequisites. The advertiser enters a detailed description of their ideal audience, their budget, and their ads into the program. The program then takes user data and uses real-time bidding to display the ad to a user that fits the ideal client profile, the advertisement with the highest bid is given the spot. This process is completed before the page loads. Ideally, the ads are only being shown to people that would actually be interested in what’s being offered, to hopefully get the most out of the ad spend.

The Benefits:

Greater Reach

The internet averages billions of users at any given time, with the possibility to reach millions, depending on the targeted parameters. Programmatic enables advertisements to reach a variety of different channels across platforms that companies would not otherwise have the ability. The program has an extensive web of established connections that allow these companies to reach new users across all platforms. Not only does the message have the potential to reach a larger amount of people, it also reaches specific people, those identified as the ideal audience.

More Specific Targeting Capabilities

Programmatic technology uses behavioral analysis to pinpoint the audience that the ads are best tailored for. The program is capable of IP targeting, geolocation targeting, contextual keyword targeting, and retargeting. This means advertisers and marketers can continue to reach those ideal customers that have yet to make a conversion to the website.

Uses Real-Time Data

As soon as a campaign is released, every detail is immediately trackable. You don’t have to wait until the end to measure the results. As soon as an ad is displayed the impressions, who it was seen by, where they were located, ect. can be instantly analyzed. This also allows to make changes whenever necessary, ensuring you’re not spending ad dollar in the wrong places.

The Challenges:

Fraud Risk

With the ultra simplified process of being able to buy and sell ads, anyone is essentially capable. The most common instances of fraud in programmatic advertising are non-viewable ads, as well as bot traffic. The problem of non-viewables is that the ads are reported as placed and displayed, but they were actually buried, never reaching the user. And while bots can make things very efficient, they can also be used to fool the system. The artificial traffic is used to drive up the prices, resulting in higher ad spend.

Ad Misdirects or Misplacement

Publishers can sometimes forward ads to affiliated entities, getting displayed there instead of their intended placements. This could mean that the ad never actually reach its targeted audience. Depending on the ad, this could be harmful to brand image. For instance, if an adult-intended ad ended up being displayed on a children’s site. While stronger preventative measures are being created, issues can still frequently occur.

It gets Costly

As the precision of pinpointing the perfect customer increases, so does the price. Depending on how specific your audience is, it may be more beneficial in the long run to purchase the more expensive program. You don’t want to be wasting money on an audience that would never even consider what you’re offering.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that programmatic advertising is extremely efficient, but just as every other advertising platform there are a variety of downsides that come along with the advantages. As with anything, you just need to decide if those benefits outweigh the risks.

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The Top 2019 Digital Marketing Trend: Digital Personalization

The digital marketing industry which is forever fast-moving has sought to combine data with advertising technology –  2019 may be the year of implementation. Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) is a display ad technology that creates personalized ads based on data about the viewer at the moment of ad serving. DCO is more relevant to the consumer and typically outperform static ad copy frequently by a significant margin. So why is 2019 the year that digital personalization will make the move to large-scale usage, you ask? There are three core reasons signaling this year to be the year that we see personalization technologies integrating rapidly into digital communications and video content.


Technological Innovation

In years past, DCO has been a term used to describe testing a variety of versions of ads for performance-based campaigns. According to Marketing Tech, DCO campaigns used techniques such as multivariate testing aiming to establish which combinations of assets perform the best, and optimize the creative towards those results.

There are pros and cons to dynamic creative optimization, and one of its significant shortfalls is requiring a significant amount of data to learn and optimize. This can be rather lengthy and costly to format requiring high skill and expertise.

Today’s leading personalization technologies are highly sophisticated machines; referencing multiple sets of data to identify individual consumer preferences and profiles to serve the optimum combination of creative content to each consumer in real-time. With this new technology and approach that has developed over the past two years, it has opened a variety of new opportunities to run highly personalized campaigns across all marketing channels.


Removing Obstacles, Increasing Results

Advertisers can dynamically create a variety of ad groupings in real-time using only a single tag with digital personalization technology. This not only simplifies ad production and trafficking to save time and money for brands of all sizes, but it also allows your advertising team to focus on their specialized areas maximizing your results even further. On average, personalized advertising created and executed in this way sees between 2.5x – 4x uplift in consumer engagement compared to version-based advertising.


Video Personalization

Video personalization has arrived! This technology is available to serve the most appropriate content and messaging through a single VAST tag, which removes brand dependence on ad serving technology. Personalization is a key strategy for many brands and companies in 2019, and video content is a key component within the personalization strategy.  Until now, being able to dynamically create and serve video advertising at scale and across all devices had been a challenge, both technically and operationally. With the upgrade in technology, there now exists a huge window of opportunity for advertisers to engage and build relationships with consumers that just weren’t possible in years past.


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As digital personalization continues to advances continue to progress, adoption of this digital marketing strategy will help your brand build stronger consumer relationships across digital touchpoints.

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