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How to Run a Successful Cause Marketing Campaign

Cause marketing is a relatively new term. What it boils down to is a campaign led by a large organization in order to help fund a charitable project. This idea began with American Express back in 1980.


The credit card company decided to launch a campaign that would donate a portion of each American Express transaction to fund the restoration of the Statue of Liberty. The results were wildly successful as the company generated over $1.7 million for the restoration project, and the card’s use rose 27%.

Since this marketing milestone, many other large businesses have followed suit, and have achieved the same success. But how do they do it? Sure, everyone loves a good cause, but that is not all there is to it. Follow along for deeper insight into cause marketing and how your business can reap its benefits too.

Find Your Cause

The first step behind a cause marketing campaign is to take a look at how your brand is associated with a certain cause.

For instance, Dawn dish soap has been partnering with wildlife foundations for years. Most notably, their soap was instrumental in the rescue of thousands of animals after the giant BP oil spill in 2010. This kind of direct link between grease-covered ducklings and dish soap is exactly what your business should be looking for.

Positive or Negative?

The outcomes from positive vs negative advertising have been debated many times over. While a review of 100+ scientific studies from Wiley found no definitive difference between the two approaches, there is still more to the story.

Certain types of industries tend to have different reactions to these two methods of advertising. Negativity tends to work very well in political situations. On the other hand, positivity relates well to humanitarian efforts.

Ultimately, the direction of your cause campaign lies in the stance that your business wishes to take. Get a comprehensive view on the situation. Do a little research. It may even be worthwhile to run short campaigns in select areas to see which message produces better results.

Social Media

The use of social media in marketing should never be overlooked. For cause marketing specifically, this rings especially true. Once it is time to start running your campaign across a variety of digital mediums, social media will prove to be very advantageous.

As in many marketing strategies, your goal in this instance is to tell a compelling story. The use of photos and videos is a great way to get this message across.

When consumers can actually see what their support it going toward and how they are changing the world, they feel much more drawn to the cause. Many social media platforms are constantly evolving to create more ways in which to share a story.

As mobile usage continues to skyrocket, we see users spending less time looking at each individual post on their social media feed. So in order to get your message across, you need to do it quickly and effectively. Continue reading more about the benefits of mobile advertising with our article “Why Mobile Matters.”


A cause marketing campaign should always start with your business. How can it help? What can it do? Once you find a connection, find your viewpoint. Determine how to tell your story, positive or negative. Finally, start sharing that message across every digital space you can think of to get people involved. This is how your company can achieve success through cause marketing.