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The Importance of Transparency in Digital Marketing

As marketers, we naturally feel the need to put a fresh and positive spin on every situation. Unfortunately, this tendency can easily become filled with dishonesty and secrecy. In digital marketing this usually manifests itself in the skewing or complete obscurity of data. So how can companies better hold themselves accountable?


One of the best steps that your business can take towards being more honest with customers is letting them in. Giving clients access to all of their company platforms is a great way to remain transparent. Making sure that the client is the administrator of their own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media accounts is crucial. This way, the customer can maintain control over their accounts no matter which digital marketing agency they decide to work with.

Paid advertising campaigns are a bit of a different story. Typically, digital marketers have top level control over all client campaigns. This gives them the ability to organize all customer accounts side by side, with as little fragmentation as possible. However, marketers can still easily grant permissions to the client through these paid platforms.

It is also very common for digital marketers to withhold access to paid platforms, so that the client does not accidentally alter any campaigns. The real problem lies in marketers who do not provide genuine reports. Any reputable digital marketing agency should provide ample proof of their advertising efforts. These reports should highlight both the successes and failures of those efforts.


Many people assume that transparency involves only the customer, but true transparency concerns every aspect of the business. All employees, from the top to the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, are a part of the company’s transparency.

An article from Forbes suggests that there are four major components to improving transparency within a business: honest communication, open doors, collaboration technology, and sharing news.

One main takeaway from these four points is for leaders to be open and receptive of all employees. This can be done in many ways. Even something as simple as literally leaving an office door open can have a large impact. Allowing employees to feel heard and respected is vital in keeping their work efforts honest.

The same article also shows a focus on collaboration. Making an effort to keep each staff member up to speed with emails and instant messages can go a long way. These techniques make employees feel connected to one another, which in turn makes them more likely to maintain open and honest work behaviors.