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LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s New Features to Reduce Time Spent on Non-Selling Activities

LinkedIn rolled out new updates to its Sales Navigator platform that attempt to cut down on the day-to-day administrative tasks to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects, and close more deals. 

The update includes an easier way to tie in CRMS, a better way to package and share content within the platform, and enhancements to search and usage reporting metrics. These features could prove to be extremely valuable to marketers, as they are designed to streamline sales tasks and create more efficient workflow processes for sales teams using LinkedIn for identifying and prospecting new customers. 

New Process for Adding Leads to Salesforce 

The first update eliminates the need to switch back and forth between two platforms when adding contacts to Salesforce accounts. 

“With the click-of-a-button in your Sales Navigator lead page or lead list, you can now write-back publicly available information about your lead into your Salesforce CRM (and soon-to-come for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales) quickly and easily without leaving Sales Navigator.” LinkedIn explained in their update announcement

Salesforce also ensures there are no duplicate leads by checking the contacts in your database and flagging any issues, ensuring CRM cleanliness. 

Features to Increase Workflow 

  • Smart Links: Allow you to quickly and easily package and share content within your Sales Navigator workflow, track viewing behavior, and gain insights on who is engaging with your content. 
  • Company Growth Alerts: An alert in Sales Navigator that notifies you if a company on your saved accounts list has added multiple job postings: “Indicating that the company is growing — a signal that there may be new opportunities that the sales organization could pursue.”

Features to Reduce Search Time 

  • Save Account Searches: Once you find an account search that works, you can easily save it and avoid having to repopulate the account queries every time you log into Sales Navigator.  You will be automatically updated any time a new Account meets your search criteria. 
  • Share Lead Searches: Once you identify the perfect lead search query, you can now share that search with other teammates with a Sales Navigator contract.

Greater Customization Capabilities

LinkedIn goes on to say “no one knows what you need more than you.” Because of that they have updated Usage Reporting and Mobile Experience to have more customizable properties. Users can now opt-out of LinkedIn.com activity in their personal Sales Navigator settings — removing any of their own LinkedIn.com activities from metrics like days active, searches performed and profile views in Usage Reporting. Along with these latest updates, Sales Navigator “Team” customers are getting the refreshed usage reporting features announced last quarter that include new navigation, metrics and data filters. Lastly, in addition to making the mobile app available to all product supported languages, users are now able to customize their mobile experience by filtering the alerts they want to receive. 

Final Thoughts 

LinkedIn has been rolling out a number of updates over the past year that have continued to increase its marketing capabilities. It has become a strong contender in the paid social space, and is an extremely valuable tool for many brands. These new features to Sales Navigator help to streamline sales tasks and create more efficient workflow processes for sales teams. 

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