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Client Spotlight: Vipply LED Bar Shelves

Vipply is the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality LED light shelves and light shelf tiers. Adding LED light shelves is not only a decorative upgrade to any bar or restaurant, but they have been proven to drastically increase liquor/spirit sales. The display of premium liquors with elegant under-lighting will quickly draw attention to designated bottles. Needing assistance in the digital world to overcome competition, Onimod Global has exceeded Vipply’s expectations of building online brand awareness.

Initial Challenge:
Branding, e-commerce development, data integration, digital marketing launch, ad content, and graphic design all starting from scratch. Brand new to the world, Vipply set out on a mission to dominate the LED shelving industry and needed digital experts to turn on the lights.

SEO, SEM, Social Advertising, E-Commerce Website Development, Customer Behavior Analysis, A/B Testing, Custom Programming, Advanced Segmentation Targeting, Reporting. In other words, the implementation of our Digital Synergy Service.

Our cross-channel digital marketing expertise, data analysis, precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns make sure the brand and product meets the consumer when and where they need them.

Q1 2015 vs Q1 2016:

  • Sales +1,498%
  • Organic Traffic +468%
  • Ad Impression +1.2M

An explosion of social interaction via custom audiences and campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Natural rankings and subsequent traffic increases due to organic seo and e-commerce website development. Product listing ads and 3rd party resellers compliment organic sales. And as a result of Onimod’s services, Vipply and its web properties now dominate placements across all major sales channels.

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