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3 Highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show is an event for all those around the world who are passionate about the business of consumer technologies. This event garners some serious attention. With over 180,000 attendees between January 9-12, it was certainly a hotspot for many digital professionals.

As always, some products and services stood out in the crowd. Many vendors were trying to create unique and unusual displays that would be sure to peak the interest of CES attendees. Below are the 3 most talked about booths from the conference. Enjoy!

Weird and Unusual

One great way to stand out and get attention is to be alarmingly different from everything else. This was the main idea behind the booth for Psychasec, which featured bodies in bags and more that were encapsulated for all to see. The bodies of course were fake, but they still made quite a statement.

In reality, the booth was never supposed to be for Psychasec at all, because Psychasec does not exist. This booth was actually used as a promotion tactic for an upcoming Netflix show called “Altered Carbon”. The premise of the show is set roughly 300 in the future where technology has made it possible for bodies to be interchanged between humans, thus allowing people to evade death.

Google’s Giant Gumball Machine

As always, Google made quite a splash at this year’s CES conference. The search engine giant set its sights on highlighting its new Google Assistant. This form of artificial intelligence is designed to aid the user in over 1 million actions such as answering questions.

In order to get CES attendees to interact with the machine, Google reps would hand out a giant coin that when entered into the giant gumball machine, would activate the Google Assistant. According to Adweek, people lined up to ask the Google Assistant all sorts of questions like ““What sound does a hippopotamus make?” and “What is Picasso’s full name?”.

These interactions did not only provide participants with answers, but also with prizes. The gumball machine would spit out all sorts of items like security cameras, smart speakers, and gift cards. Adweek reported that Google planned to award 1,400 prizes each day of the show through its giant gumball machine.

Virtual Reality Boxing Match

As momentum continues to grow behind the topic of virtual reality, many companies are jumping on board. At CES, Floyd Mayweather debuted his own virtual reality experience. Mayweather performed a demonstration of his game, the “Mayweather Boxing & Fitness Virtual Reality Program”, which was very well received.

The boxing legend, who ended his career with a 50-0 record, was a hit with guests. Not only were they excited to see Mayweather in action, but they also seemed to really enjoy the product he was featuring. Adweek reports that the game will only be available through the Mayweather Boxing Club gyms for the initial release period.

Mayweather spoke of the experience in a short news conference by saying, ““This is just the beginning, introducing everyone to what we’re going to do in the future”. We here at Onimod Global are certainly excited to see what the future holds!

Digitally Transform Your Workspace

Digital marketing is an incredible line of work that is always changing. This profession is based on the innovative spirit of digital, which is translated into the way that digital marketers work every single day.

It can be very difficult to continually reinvent the work you are doing as a digital marketer if your workspace is behind the times. That is why we have put together a list of ways that you can digitally transform your workspace to keep yourself ahead of the competition. This list is based off of an article from AdWeek that can be read fully on their website.

Closer Connections

Many marketers today utilize tools like Go ToMeeting to carry out regularly scheduled conferences with clients or colleagues around the globe. These conference calls are very beneficial, but they do lack in some areas. For instance, you cannot see the individuals that you are talking to. AdWeek argues that this greatly inhibits the call and can even cause it to become a “waste of time”.

It is a bit premature to say that conference calls need to be exiled immediately, but there are technologies coming onto the scene that will allow for a more genuine connection with those communicating.

There is a lot of buzz that has recently been circulating around virtual reality and all of its incredible possibilities. AdWeek mentions a company named MiddleVr, which has already begun the process of developing virtual reality tools that can be utilized in the office. These tools will allow meetings to become much more close and personal, which is believed to positively impact the meeting outcomes.

G-Suite Jamboard

The importance of innovation in the digital marketing industry cannot be stressed enough. One of the techniques that allows digital marketing to be so dynamic is collective brainstorming. Gathering the ideas of many different peoples in many different places can produce incredible results.

This is precisely why the team at Google has put together a tool called Jamboard. Jamboard presents each user with the same visual of a whiteboard. This whiteboard can be written on by any user, and these writings will then be shown to every other user.

Jamboard uses a lot of the same basic ideas that are included in other Google products like Google Docs. The major advantage to using Google Docs is that it allows multiple users to edit the document at the same time while also showing all users any updates to the document. Jamboard will work similarly to Google Docs and will allow teams to collaborate and brainstorm much more effectively, no matter where they are located.

Video Advertising

AdWeek’s article also highlights the ongoing trend of video advertising. We here at Onimod Global have recognized the potential in the video advertising market, and recently put together a comprehensive article on the subject. To read our article, “Maximize the Potential of Your Social Video Marketing Strategy” please visit our blog by clicking HERE.

Organized Communication

Communication is key in any workspace. This is particularly true if your organization is trying to communicate in many ways all over the world. The best way to utilize every piece of information is to write it down and store it somewhere that all crucial members will have access at any given time.

Facebook is developing such a product. Workplace by Facebook is designed to “change the way you work”. The platform instantly updates as posts are made, which makes cross-channel communication simple and easy. The main objective of this tool is to allow users to instantly communicate and quickly turn their ideas into actions instead of delaying the process through conference calls, strategy meetings, etc.