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4 Marketing Ideas for the Fourth of July

With July 4th being right around the corner, marketers are given an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the holiday. Advertising budgets for July 4th campaigns are continually on the rise as marketers compete for a larger share. Listed below are five marketing ideas that can be implemented for your fourth of July campaign.

1. Discounts and Promotions:
This may seem like an obvious one, yet it’s surprising how some organizations refuse to participate in any sort of July 4th promotion. It’s almost an expectation now for online consumers that businesses will have July 4th promotions. Therefore, because of the high presence of online traffic during this time it’s essential for companies to participate in July 4th promotions and heavily push them on social media channels.

2. Social Media Contests:
If brand awareness is an important KPI to your organization then pursuing a contest on social media will help achieve your goal. Facebook in particular is probably the best platform to use for this situation. “Happy Fourth of July! Like and share this post for a chance to win…” is an original but easy strategy to implement that will generate a ton of impressions and engagements.

3. Utilize Trending Hashtags:
Staying on top of the Twitter world is always a good idea, yet it’s more important during the holidays. Always be sure to use trending hashtags with your posts because more impressions and engagements will follow. Here are some examples of July Fourth hashtags currently trending on Twitter:
– #4thofJuly2017
– #July4th
– #IndependenceDay
– #July4thweekend

4. Show Appreciation for Customers/Clients:
It never hurts to show appreciation for your customers or clients and how much they mean to your business. Even a simple “Happy Fourth of July to all of our customers/clients” social media post can make a bigger difference than you think. Stand out from your competitors and take advantage of the holiday by being appreciative to those that matter to your organization!