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Client Spotlight: AWC Industries

AWC began its rich history in the wire forming and tube bending industries 60 years ago in 1947. A-Wire Corporation emerged at the tail end of the second world war where the potential to succeed in a new business was high. It all began with a simple idea: lamp shade frames.

This basic type of wire forming grew rapidly. Today, wire forming goes far beyond a common lamp shade. More than a dozen industries such as construction, food service, and agriculture depend upon wire forming experts like AWC for their everyday needs.

Every few years AWC Industries was expanding its divisions to include an even more diverse selection of products. This growth began with tube bending.

Utilizing state of the art machinery, AWC quickly became a leader in the business of metal fabrication. Their ability to tube bend multiple kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous materials into any kind of desirable shape is what has kept AWC’s clients satisfied all these years.

Virtually any and all metal fabrication projects can become a reality through AWC Industries. AWC is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified & OEM Approved Supplier, making them a producer of high quality custom tube bending and metal fabrication.

Today, AWC Industries offers the following services:

As their business continues to grow, AWC remains committed to improvement and innovation. As AWC’s digital marketing agency, Onimod Global continually works to create the best customer experience possible through ongoing website development.

We make regular updates to the company website in order to make it as easy as possible for a client to connect with AWC for any of their wire forming, tube bending, or assorted metal fabrication needs.

Onimod Global also assists AWC Industries with our digital synergy services. Digital synergy is a comprehensive service that allows a business to have the visibility they need across all kinds of digital mediums. With this added visibility, AWC is able to quickly and easily present itself to consumers that require all kinds of metal fabrication services.

Should you ever find yourself in need of any wire forming, tube bending, or powder coating services, please contact AWC Industries by clicking HERE or give them a call today at 773-745-0116.