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Google Has Confirmed They Are Removing Toolbar PageRank

In the news: It’s official, Google has decided to fully kill off toolbar PageRank from their browser tools.

Google has confirmed that they are removing Toolbar PageRank. That means if you are using a tool or a browser that shows you PageRank data from Google, within the next couple weeks, it will begin not to show any data at all.

Google explained that Google still does use PageRank data internally within their ranking algorithm, but the external PageRank values shown in the Toolbar is going away completely.

For years and years, Google has stripped away PageRank from their Toolbars and browsers and hasn’t updated the PageRanks core in it in years.

You may continue to see PageRank values in the toolbar for the next couple weeks, after that, you should no longer see it.

PageRank in a nutshell – The key points to know:

  • PageRank tells how important a page is, relatively speaking, compared to other pages.
  • PageRank is just one of MANY ranking factors used to determine ranking in search results.
  • High PageRank does NOT guarantee a high search ranking for any particular term. If it did, then PR10 sites like Adobe would always show up for any search you do. They don’t.
  • The anchor text of a link is often far more important than whether it’s on a high PageRank page.

Learn more about Google PageRank here.


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