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How To Master Storytelling Content

A popular shift in content marketing has taken the form of storytelling. Consumers have shown that a product or service that offers an experience is much more attractive to them. Storytelling takes content marketing to a whole new level where a customer is understood, inspired, compelled and ignited to use their imagination.

Principal analyst Brian Solis with Alimeter Group shares with MarketingLand what marketers must know today about the gap between content marketing and storytelling.


What should businesses know about storytelling?

Brian says: There are some common pillars of quality storytelling — and it all starts with knowing your audience, what they love/don’t love, what they value, etc.

Aside from the seven common plots of story, there are pillars that resonate with certain audiences, depending on their goals and yours. These include inspiration, usefulness, importance and inclusivity, just to name a few — and these apply to content marketing, too.

How can you apply this to your campaigns?

The arc of a marketing campaign is usually the opposite of a traditional story arc. The climax, which is typically the product launch day in business, is followed by the supporting action and road to wider adoption — until the budget runs out or the campaign is over.

Stories are continuous. Opportunities for engagement are always on. Customers do not go on/off based on your campaign or content calendar.

Why this content is rising in popularity.

You’re creating a larger emotional impact with your consumer leaving them with a lasting good impression of your company. Stories help everyone understand a concept much easier. Stories help solidify abstract concepts and simplify complex messages. Stories are a universal language of sorts, and implementing this strategy into your content marketing will resonate with consumers if done correctly.


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