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Top 7 Google Ranking Factors

It’s hard to know which Google ranking factors really matter and which ones are just fluff. Especially since there are over 200 of them. Here’s how to clear that up. 

Understanding the most important factors will help you optimize your website to rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). We’ve compiled a definitive list of Google ranking factors that can make or break your search optimization strategy. This guide will walk you through each factor and help you determine what you should focus on for maximum impact!


Google has said that they are planning to move away from backlinks in the future, but for now they still remain the most important ranking factor for your pages. Except now you have to be very straightforward with your SEO strategies — your links have to come from a variety of high authority websites that are similar to yours. Furthermore, there are Google sources who say that freshness and traffic may also be important backlink metrics.

The goal is still the same: get people visiting your website through search engines like Google and Bing. But now you need to focus more on getting links from sites where people are likely to click on them because they’re interested in what you’re selling or offering up as content.


How do you know what your potential customers are looking for?

Google has systems in place to help it understand what searchers want. You, too, need to understand this if you want to rank. For example, most of the top results for “air fryer” are blog posts with top picks. This indicates that searchers are in research mode, not buying mode. As a result, it probably makes the most sense to target this keyword with a blog post over an e-commerce category page.


Freshness is a query-dependent ranking factor. It’s stronger for queries that call for fresh results, so if your keywords are on the right side of this equation, you should be good to go.

However, if you’re looking to rank highly for queries that don’t demand freshness, like “how to solve a rubik’s cube” or “how to make origami animals in 5 minutes,” then updating your page often or publishing new articles isn’t going to help you.

If freshness is a big deal for your keyword, then update your page often or publish new articles so that Google can see that you’re staying current with demand.

Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business listing is the single most important thing you can do for your local SEO. It helps establish your company as an entity, which in itself is a great asset to your SEO. Even more, it will skyrocket your local search performance.

Once you create a listing, it becomes eligible for the local business panel as well as Google maps, opening your business to nearby searchers. For example, if someone is shopping and stopping for a coffee, your Google My Business listing will help show you in the search results of a nearby option.

In addition to being eligible for the local business panel and Google maps, creating your Google My Business listing will help make sure that you’re showing up in search results across other platforms like Yelp or Bing Places. The more ways people can find out about you, the better!

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor on mobile since 2015. When Google moved to mobile-first indexing in 2019, it became a ranking factor on desktop too. If you don’t have a responsive design, your site may be losing out on traffic and conversions. You can check this by using the Mobile Usability report in Google Search Console to see if you have any issues.

Page Speed

Page speed is another ranking factor that has been available since 2010 and became available on mobile in 2018. Google has used various methods to measure page speed over the years but as of recent it only uses Core Web Vitals (CWV).

Core Web Vitals (CWV) are three metrics that Google uses to measure a page’s loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) are the three metrics that make up CWV.

Here’s a quick way to get a sense of your site’s CWV performance:

  1. Ask Google to crawl your website 
  2. To request a crawl of individual URLs, use the URL Inspection tool.

Keep in mind that there’s a quota for submitting individual URLs and requesting a re-crawl multiple times for the same URL won’t get it crawled any faster.

Intrusive Dialogs

Google and other search engines love to index content, but they don’t like it when your website is hard to use.

Dialog boxes and interstitials are a great way to direct users’ attention to something that is important, but if you make them too intrusive, users will be annoyed and frustrated. You want your visitors to feel like they have control over their experience on your website—and if they’re constantly being interrupted by pop-ups or other obstructions, it’s harder for them to do that.

Overlay ads are another good example of this kind of thing—they’re not necessarily bad in themselves, but if they interrupt the user experience too much then people will stop visiting your site as often.

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4 Tips for Selecting the Right Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to making marketing decisions for an organization, it is usually a company’s best interest to hire an agency in the ever changing world of digital marketing. When outsourcing these marketing efforts, selecting the right digital marketing agency for your business is critical. According to research from Capgemini Consulting “companies with a strong digital presence in their industry tend to outperform their peers.” Listed below are four tips that every business should use when deciding which agency is right for them.

Evaluate Work and Track Record:
Doing your research on multiple agencies is one of the best first steps to choosing the right one. If they are not listed on their sites, request case studies from agencies to see what benefits can be provided for your organization. Click Here to view our case studies at Onimod Global. Ultimately, doing your research and ensuring the agency you outsource to is legitimate will most likely lead to positive returns on your investments.

Know Your Most Important Needs:
Before the search for a digital marketing agency starts it is essential to pinpoint the specific digital needs your organization is seeking. Is there a higher priority on search engine optimization, social media marketing, or search engine marketing? All three of these areas could be equally important, but it’s important to address questions like this at the beginning of the process. Some agencies specialize in certain areas of digital marketing, while other agencies like ours provide full scale services. In the end, one of the starting points for every business seeking a marketing agency should be building an extensive list of digital needs.

Transparency of Results:
The last thing you want from an agency is a lack of transparency. There are many marketing agencies out there that like to provide reports for clients that only showcase successes. Agencies that want to stay ahead of the game like ours are frequently looking to improve and highlight areas where changes can be made. The ultimate goal for any business seeking the right agency is to make sure they are doing their best with intentions to always deliver a positive ROI and grow your business.

Be Blunt Upfront:
Many organizations can be afraid of being blunt to an agency, yet it’s a major investment being discussed. Be upfront about what the expectations are and don’t be afraid to walk away if the negotiations don’t go as planned. Although the standards for performance need to be realistic, make sure you and the marketing agency are on the right page about what the end goals are. At the end of the day, finding an agency that fits with your business model and is willing to adapt to what your organization wants will most likely be your best bet.

Contact Us: If you’re a business seeking improvements in SEO, SEM, Website Development, or any other digital service feel free to reach out to us at Onimod Global on our Contact Us Page. We look forward to hearing from you!