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4 Warning Signs to Look Out For When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Choosing the right digital marketing agency can be a difficult decision, especially since you are trusting an organization with your marketing budget that consists of thousands of dollars. It’s critical to find an agency that understands your business style and knows what’s going on in your industry. Listed below are some warning signs to look out for when in the process of choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business.

1. Unprofessional Website
Coming across a digital marketing agency with a website that is clearly unprofessional and lacks effort is one of the first noticeable red flags. How is an agency supposed to offer superior digital services if their own website looks poor? Some specific aspects to pay attention to when going through an agency’s website include: inconsistent brand images, old copyright date, poor mobile responsiveness, no custom domain name, lack of contact information, and having an overall poor design.

2. Unrealistic Promises
It’s surprising how many agencies are out there who make promises with prospective clients that are too good to be true. Hearing comments like “we guarantee first page rankings tomorrow” or “we have inside sources at Google and other major corporations who work with us” are huge warning signs. Any good agency knows that effective digital marketing strategies usually take time in terms of planning out, implementing, execution, and analysis. Moreover, an agency that guarantees amazing results in a short period of time is most likely unrealistic and probably won’t deliver on the promises.

3. Lack of Communication and Transparency
Communication and transparency are huge when it comes to digital marketing and client satisfaction. According to an article from Forbes, they interviewed members of the Forbes Agency Council and they found that “the biggest calls of distress we heard from potential clients was poor communication from other agencies they hired.” Transparency is also critical, as agencies should always be open to sharing data and whatever else clients want to see that involves their marketing investments. If an agency refuses to give you access to AdWords and Analytics accounts then something is wrong. Also be sure an agency is truthful and has the capability to back up data with legitimate results.

4. Weak Portfolio
Who are the agency’s current clientele and what kind of work have they accomplished for them? Be sure to look out for any references or testimonials and if they’re legitimate or not. Also, when evaluating an agency’s portfolio look for important data like percent increases in page views, leads, organic rankings, conversions, and any other metrics that may be important. However, one of the most important aspects to research in portfolios or case studies is finding out if clients returned a positive ROI. Also try to find out how many clients an agency has and what their retention rates are. In the end, a digital marketing agency that portrays a weak portfolio is one that should be avoided at all costs.

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4 Reasons Why Having a Professional Website is Critical for Any Business

Having a professional website for any business in today’s market is a crucial recipe for success, yet it’s amazing how many organizations have low quality websites or nothing at all. There are multiple reasons why companies should have a professional looking website, and this post will explore a few of them. With our website development expertise and experience here at Onimod Global, here are four reasons why we think professional websites for businesses are critical.

1. Credibility:
A lot of times a potential consumer’s first impression of a business comes from their first visit to a website. Therefore, having an appealing and professional website can “make or break” consumers impressions. Regardless if your organization is superior to competitors or not in terms of a product or service, consumers perceptions may think otherwise when one website is more professional than the other. One final point to make regarding credibility is that it gives a business an opportunity to showcase previous work, who their clients are, and provide convincing testimonials.

2. Cost Efficiency:
Many business owners have the belief that professional looking websites are expensive, therefore not willing to make any investments. This mindset is wrong is so many ways. Yes there are fees involved like hosting, domain, outsourcing expenses, etc. but the investment is a must and not as big as owners believe. Ultimately, refusing to adapt in a digital world by not investing in a professional website is a mistake, as it will end up costing more in the long run.

3. Visibility:
Social media pages and word of mouth advertising are great, but an appealing website will take a business to the next level. Online traffic and the number of daily searches on search engines (Google especially) are through the roof in today’s digital world. Moreover, having a high functioning website will enhance the overall visibility of an organization and greatly increase the ability for potential consumers to find you.

4. Convenience:
In addition to increased visibility, convenience is another reason to invest in a professional website. Smart organizations have figured this out and adapted. Consumers aren’t driving around anymore looking for places to shop for example. Instead they are shopping online or conducting searches on where to go. The accessibility that websites provide for potential consumers is invaluable. Another relevant aspect to point out involves the evolution of smart phones. Smart phones have made online searches as convenient as ever before, so this further proves the importance of having a professional website in today’s competitive market.

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