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Pringles to Debut in Upcoming Super Bowl LII Advertisement

Despite being a digital marketing company, we here at Onimod Global are interested in all sorts of different marketing methods. That is why today we are taking a more traditional approach to discuss ads for the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl Spot Cost

Each year, brands compete for a coveted spot to advertise during the super bowl. As one of the single most televised events of the year, the Super Bowl brings in some serious cash from advertisers.

It is safe to assume that each and every TV spot comes with a hefty price tag, but just how expensive can they be? Jeffrey Dorfman from Forbes claims that $5 million dollars is a bargain for such a TV spot.

Dorfman explains that the cost for these spots has been on the rise for years, but they still present an incredible value for brands. These ads air in front millions of viewers, roughly 110-115 million viewers to be exact.

This huge audience is exactly what makes the opportunity to advertise during the Super Bowl so appealing. Once you break down the cost of $5 million across 110 million viewers, the cost per view is just pennies on the dollar.

Pringles Premier

The Pringles snack company belongs to Kellogg’s, which acquired Pringles back in 2012. Since 1968 the brand has expanded across the globe to over 140 nations, and continues to market itself in as many new locations as possible.

According to Adweek, the Pringle’s Super Bowl campaign will be centered around the idea of “Flavor Stacking”. Flavor Stacking is a concept designed to entice consumers into creating unique flavors by combining different types of Pringles together.

The upcoming ad is said to be, “an opportunity to show people a fun, new way to enjoy their favorite Pringles flavors with their family and friends,” according to Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks’ senior vice president of marketing, Yuvraj Arora. Be sure to look for the debut Pringles ad, along with many others at the upcoming Super Bowl LII on February 4th!

4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Has Taken Over Traditional

It’s no surprise that in the past decade digital marketing has become the focal point of most organizational marketing efforts. I’m not inferring that all traditional marketing efforts have completely died out as print, radio, and TV advertising are all still in existence. However, traditional efforts are dying a slow death as more consumers continue to spend more time on the internet. According to Internet Live Stats, “approximately 40,000 searches happen on Google PER SECOND, which sums to about 3.5 billion searches per day.” Listed below are four major reasons why digital marketing will continue to take over traditional methods.

1. Data and Results are Measurable:
Many forms of traditional marketing (tv, print, radio, billboards, etc.) are very hard or sometimes impossible to figure out impressions or especially conversions. With SEO and ppc campaigns, analytics are available from any date range. Impressions, clicks, engagement rates, cost per click, and conversions are now easily traceable with Google Analytics and insight tools on all the platforms. Ultimately, we now have the ability to analyze data and this is highly valuable regarding future campaign adjustments.

2. Defined and Targeted Audiences:
Ensuring that the right people come across your advertisements should be a top priority. Platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and others contain impressive targeting options that allow advertisers to hit designated audiences. Although some traditional efforts can target certain people by location for instance, the targeting features of digital marketing are light years ahead. On Facebook for example you can target by location, age, gender, occupation, user’s interests, and other relevant factors.

3. Cost Efficiency:
Depending on budgets and how much time and effort is put into digital marketing campaigns, it can still be an expensive venture. However, for the amount of traffic online ads receive compared to traditional ads, it’s not a comparison. Cpc campaigns in particular you are only charged per click, so the amount of impressions your ads receive is invaluable. Advertising through billboards, radio, and television especially can get costly. Plus as mentioned earlier, it’s very difficult to track results so figuring out ROI can be a headache.

4. Future Implications:
Digital marketing from a general standpoint is always evolving. Search engine algorithms change, interfaces update, and the expansion of mobile users is something to keep an eye on. Therefore, focusing the majority if not all marketing efforts to digital is a step in the right direction. As more people continue to spend more time online, use social media, and Google multiple phrases per day, the digital marketing world will continually reach new heights.

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