Updates To Google AdSense

Google continues updating their advertising platform to create ways that benefit you, the users, in bigger and better ways. The latest update involves Google AdSense and how they will process monetizing new sites.

Overview of Google AdSense

AdSense is one of many ways you can earn money from the internet. You can choose to place Google’s contextual ads on your blog, website, or search engine. Google will then distribute a portion of that revenue to you, and this varies among the type of keywords your site is using to generate these ads.

Prior to now, AdSense users could add their AdSense code on a new site without having to set it up as a separate site in their AdSense account.


So What’s New?

Every new site in every AdSense account will go through a verification process to review the following:

  • Ownership of the domain OR have the ability to modify its content
  • Compliance with the AdSense policies

There will also be a slight name change within the AdSense interface. The MySites tab will be renamed to Sites, and this tab will be much more prominent on the interface allowing for easier navigation.

These changes apply to all new and existing AdSense accounts.


How It Affects You

Frankly, this is an update that shockingly is just now coming into existence. Google has been working to make their Ads platform and supplemental application better protected, so this verification process is not at all surprising.

Most users won’t have to take any action, it will mostly be on Google’s end to verify the listed email is matched to the correct AdSense code.

According to MarketingLand, publishers are advised to stay tuned for several more updates from the AdSense team.


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Image credit to: MarketingLand