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Understanding Different Types of Location-Based Marketing

The idea of location-based marketing is not new, but it is becoming an increasingly popular campaign strategy for brands to attract both new and loyal customers. As the use of mobile devices continue to rise and advancing technology is at all-time high, location-based marketing has become easier and more effective than ever before. It is […]

Measuring SEO Success

Consistently measuring SEO results and success is crucial to maintaining an effective SEO strategy. But what exactly should you be basing your SEO success off of? With so many different measurement strategies, you need to make sure you’re choosing what’s relevant to your company. What small business consider successful for an SEO campaign, large corporations […]

Facebook Adds New Features to its Video Creation Kit

On Tuesday Facebook announced new updates for its video creation kit feature. The updates are to give video advertisers more templates, editing options, and a new ‘save’ option. Facebook’s overall purpose of the new features is to optimize ad placement, while giving advertisers more support to create custom designs. What is the Video Creation Kit: […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Ad Copy

Google provides a lot of helpful data when it comes to certain aspects of search campaigns, except when it comes to ad copy. Ad copy can be one of the most crucial elements when it comes to paid search, no matter the platform. Finding the right combination of keywords and titles can be difficult, but […]

LinkedIn’s Newest Update Makes Advertising More Transparent

Company transparency is especially important when advertising on the internet, social spaces in particular. Social media users want to feel safe and ensured that their information isn’t going to be exploited for advertisements. LinkedIn just recently announced it has launched a new update, called Ads tab, for company pages. The intent is to bring even […]

The 411 on 1:1 Marketing

The “one size fits all” mass marketing method has been well on its way out of style. Before it was all about getting out a message to as many people as you possibly could, hoping that at least one of them would become a customer. Over the last few years marketers have discovered that going […]

Why Programmatic Video Advertising is on the Rise in 2019

In the recent years programmatic advertising has quickly gained a substantial amount of popularity, especially among digital advertisers. It’s estimated that they will be dedicating even more of their budgets to programmatic video inventory in 2019. It is estimated by eMarketer that programmatic video ad spend will reach $29.24 billion, which would account for almost […]

How to Optimize Your Dark Social Usage

Private messaging apps such as WhatsApp, direct messaging via social media, emails, etc. are all referred to as “Dark Social” by marketers because content shared through these platforms are particularly difficult to track and analyze. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for users to do their social sharing.

Challenges Facing In-House Agencies in 2019

An increasing amount of companies are bringing back in-house agencies – such as creative and digital – under the impression it will bring speed and deeper knowledge of brand values. But unfortunately for some, the benefits simply aren’t outweighing some of the risks and pitfalls that come with this strategy. Why Bring it Back Over […]