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Brand Ambassador Marketing Strategy: Is It Worth It?

The way a company chooses to market itself can play a huge role in their success or downfall. One valuable aspect of marketing is the brand; it is so important that most large companies have entire departments dedicated to branding. With the growth of social media over recent years, brand ambassadors are at the forefront of digital marketing strategies within thousands of companies.


What is a brand ambassador?

A fairly self explanatory term, but by definition it is someone who represents your brand, product, service or event. Typically when we think of brand ambassadors we envision celebrities who are paid to support a brand. This is still a very popular form of influencer marketing, but a brand ambassador doesn’t have to be a celebrity. It is transforming into customers and even employees taking on roles of brand ambassadors.

Lonely Brand shares an updated version of what brand ambassador marketing has transformed into in recent years:

“In 2017 brand ambassador marketing has become, at it’s core, the employment of people with specific influence or expertise to create and participate in your brand marketing strategy, usually leveraging their own popularity on social media platforms to drive value.”


Where to start?

A great place to start is with the employees at your company. When you have a product, service, and brand that everyone loves, employees will be more excited to promote your company organically and get involved. A Nielsen study shows that 84 percent of people trust recommendations from friends, family, colleagues over other forms of marketing.

In addition to this, employees’ social followers are seven times more likely to convert on company content than other types of leads are.

Advertisements pose a great challenge in attempting to get people to convert, where brand ambassadors have much more trust and a larger reach across social media channels.


Is it worth it?

Implementing brand ambassadors in your marketing strategy is becoming more crucial in marketing strategies. Social media is growing more every day, and it is imperative your employees and customers are driving the online conversations about your brand in a positive direction.

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