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Facebook Ads Now Available In Marketplace

The Facebook platform has been revolutionary in terms of advertising in recent years, and it’s about to get even better: Facebook ads in Marketplace. If you have yet to be introduced to the Facebook Marketplace, it is an excellent place to buy and sell items listed from people in your local community. You can sell essentially anything from clothes to furniture, even vehicles and real estate. Facebook has now begun allowing businesses to advertise in Marketplace for the first time since that platform was created in 2016.

These ads will appear alongside all posts from people selling in your community, and these ads are able to run anywhere else on the Facebook platform. Facebook has been running tests for these ads, and the results have shown an increase in return on ad spend.. over double the return!


Facebook shares some of the benefits of being able to run ads in Marketplace:

“Advertising across our platforms enables you to reach your target audience wherever they’re spending time, giving you more opportunities to connect with people likely to be interested in your offerings.”


Facebook also gives a couple of helpful tips with things you should know about Marketplace ads:

  • Ads in Marketplace will also show in News Feed. It isn’t currently possible for an ad to show only in Marketplace.
  • You can also track conversions using a Facebook pixel with your ad.
  • And, of course, all ads must comply with the Facebook advertising policies.


Currently, the only audiences that can be targeted with Facebook ads in Marketplace are the US and Canada, and over the next few weeks you will also be able to target Australia and New Zealand audiences.


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