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Updates To YouTube Advertising Platform

A social site that is growing larger and larger everyday is YouTube.  As its followers have grown significantly in the past few years, so has their advertising platform.

With growth comes some changes, and the experts at Onimod Global are here once again to give you the latest updates.


According to MarketingLand, YouTube announced it is changing the attribution criteria for TrueView for action video ads. This specific type of ad is known and designed for advertisers that perform and feature call-to-action banners at the base of the video ads.

MarketingLand also shares with us two specific key attribution points that will be changing:

  • YouTube will now count an ‘Engagement’ whenever a user clicks or watches 10 seconds or more of a TrueView for action ad when using maximize conversions or target CPA bidding. That’s a change from 30 seconds.
  • A ‘Conversion’ will be counted, by default, when a user takes action on an ad within 3 days of an ‘Engagement.’ If you want this changed, you will have to ask your Google rep to customize this time frame. That’s a change from 30 days.
  • For users who click your ad, YouTube will still attribute conversions according to the conversion window you have set (the default is 30 days).


What does this mean for advertisers?

This change will most likely significantly influence your budget spend and the performance. If you use the SmartBidding tool, this change will effect you being charged per engagement. Any target prices set by the advertiser will be billed on an impression basis due to TrueView for action campaigns using Target CPA and maximize conversions.


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