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Challenges Facing In-House Agencies in 2019

An increasing amount of companies are bringing back in-house agencies – such as creative and digital – under the impression it will bring speed and deeper knowledge of brand values. But unfortunately for some, the benefits simply aren’t outweighing some of the risks and pitfalls that come with this strategy.

Why Bring it Back

Over the past decade, we are seeing a trend across the advertising and marketing industry where businesses are increasingly taking marketing matters into their own hands. Cost savings and having more control seem to be the biggest reasons why companies have been transitioning back to in-house agencies.

Many companies also believe that it will help integrate their values and beliefs across all platforms, but as some brands have already demonstrated, this may cause more issues than what the savings are worth.

The Unfortunate Challenges

As Pepsi has recently shown with their Kendall Jennar-starring ad, an in-house team may not always hit the mark. A considerable challenge of using an in-house agency is that it completely eliminates outside perspective, creating tunnel vision. Many criticized Pepsi’s ad to be ‘tone-deaf’ and ‘precisely the opposite of the real-world experience’ that was supposedly being portrayed.

Another downside to going in-house is creating a heavy work overload for the studio teams. Commonly those part of the in-house team are working on multiple other projects at the same time. This can make it difficult for them to make last minute or urgent changes.

With putting a heavy workload on the in-house team comes another great challenge, which is the difficulty of managing the many projects and tasks at hand and the pressures that come along with them.Team members can easily get burnt out, resulting in creative slumps or high staff turn-over.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Although creating an in-house agency may seem like the cost effective decision, outsourcing has more benefits in the long-run and for the company as a whole.

One of the greatest benefits of outsourcing is that you’re guaranteed a team of experts with extensive experience in the marketing field. Not only will they have the best experience, but they have the best tools and technology to go along with it. There is an extensive amount of marketing tools out there, and they can help you quickly identify which will be the most beneficial for your company, saving you an endless amount of time and money.

Another benefit that comes along with using an outside source is a fresh perspective. As previously mentioned, when using a team that work in-office they can get stuck using the same tactics or ideas over and over. Group think and tunnel vision can easily occur as well as falling victim to office politics. It’s always beneficial to have an impartial third party that can bring new and different ideas to the table.

Lastly, you completely eliminate the extensive processes of hiring and training. A good marketing partner will have a strong team committed to making the best decisions for your company. You can immediately start tackling strategy and making improvements rather than worrying about assembling a team of your own.

What We Can Do

Onimod Global can function as your own in-house agency with all the tools and expertise of an outside agency. We offer cross-channel digital marketing campaigns driven by machine learning analytics and human intelligence. Experts in SEO, SEM, website development, automation, manage your marketing 24/7, along with so much more. Check out what we have done for others and can do for you.

How to Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Experienced in brand management, a digital marketing agency can put your business on the industry map and help your brand stay relevant. Outsourcing your digital marketing has several benefits for your company. Businesses all around the world are increasing their clientele, their inventory, company size, which inevitably creates a lot more work. With new technology, none of these things will be slowing down in the near future; if anything the business world is continuously picking up speed. Focus on growth, and leave the digital marketing to an experienced, trustworthy digital marketing agency like Onimod Global. Here are some tips for choosing a digital marketing agency best suited to your business.


#1: Know Your Brand

You may think you know your brand, but how well do you know it? Business and brand are completely different things. You may know your business inside and out, but your brand image depends a lot on how other people perceive you. Knowing your audience and how your brand is perceived is crucial to your success. The only way to guide them is to be the person that knows all there is to know about their own brand.


#2: Know Your Needs and Goals

Marketing goals can often vary on the type of business you’re running. Additionally, you should decide what kind of work your agency will do for you. Do you need them to manage your social media accounts and online campaigns? Or do you need them to completely reinvent your brand, design a new logo and create a wholesome campaign? If you’re unsure on where your business is lacking in terms of effective digital marketing, request a quote for a complimentary digital marketing audit courtesy of Onimod Global here!


#3: Check Their Credentials

Marketing firms should have a section on their site showcasing work they are especially proud of. For example, Onimod Global has featured dozens of case studies ranging from industries of warehouse and distribution services to wealth management. Check them out for yourself here!

Dig deep into their work – if they handle social media, go to their client’s Facebook page and check out a couple of posts. If they designed a website, visit and analyze it.


#4: Contact Them

Get in touch with us! We would love to work with you and help you optimize your digital marketing strategy. To contact our experts or request a quote, please click here. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Why Digital Marketing Expertise is Critical for Startups

With the rise in the number of startup businesses, how can you ensure your startup will succeed and stand out from the competition? Many startups claim to implement digital marketing practices, yet most don’t invest enough time and money, and have little or no knowledge of effective digital marketing strategies. According to a startup study from Profoundry, “71% of the startups researched did not have a documented digital strategy in place.” This post will explore the importance of digital marketing for startups and ultimately why outsourcing may be the best option.

Because of the increase in startups across the globe, it’s no surprise that online presence can “make or break” the success of a startup. Brand awareness and customer acquisition are two of the main benefits that effective digital marketing strategies can provide. Listed below are a few introductory steps to internet marketing that every startup organization should implement to start on the right track.

Beginning Steps

1. Website Development:
Depending on what the product or service is, it should typically start with the creation of a professional website. Without this, everything else that follows becomes difficult or unfeasible. Although a decent investment is required when outsourcing to a developer, it is worth it in the long run. Unprofessional websites or not having one at all is setting your business up for failure. Check out Our Work and see what website development solutions Onimod Global has to offer.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Having a website is one of the first steps for startups, but if it is not optimized for search engines how will it drive traffic? Ensuring that your startup’s website is highly optimized will require a lot of SEO knowledge and time. There are many components of SEO that involve “on page” optimization like paying attention to title tags, content, meta descriptions, keywords, and internal link building. There are also “off page” optimization tactics like blogging and utilizing local directory sites. Click Here to run a free scan and see how well your website currently ranks online. Ultimately, outsourcing SEO efforts to an experienced agency is your best bet to increase online visibility for your startup and rank well for relevant searches.

3. Social Media Marketing:
Once your website is fully developed and optimized for search engine visibility, social media marketing is the next step to follow. Creating accounts on as many social media platforms as possible (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus) will only benefit your organization by creating more visibility. According to Statista’s Report in 2016, “89% of startup owners indicated that social media initiatives have greatly increased exposure for their businesses.” A presence on social media not only increases exposure, but it also has the potential to increase SEO, develop a loyal following, and can even establish thought leadership within your industry.

Why Outsource to an Experienced Agency?
This is a typical question that most startups have, and why should an investment to an advertising agency be made? The answer is pretty simple – knowledge and experience. One of the worst moves a startup can make is investing money into their marketing budget without having any knowledge of where their customer base lies and how to effectively generate leads/conversions. A lack of internet marketing knowledge is one of many reasons why today’s startups fail in a digital world. Outsourcing to an experienced agency like ours ultimately ensures success and a positive ROI for your startup in the long run.

View our digital marketing expertise at Onimod Global  and see how our experienced agency could help fuel your next startup endeavor!

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