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Expert Opinions on Upcoming Super Bowl LII Ads

Many tune in to watch the best football players in the country face off during the Super Bowl each year, but many more tune in exclusively to watch the amazing advertisements that are shown in between in the game.

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most costly days of the year for many advertisers. Each ad is carefully crafted and backed by an enormous budget to appear in front of more than 110 million Americans. It is not absurd to say that $5 million is a bargain for such an ad.

This year, many professionals are weighing in about such Super Bowl ads. In this article we will focus on ways for marketers to improve their Super Bowl advertising strategy, as well as take a look at previous Super Bowl ads and how they compare to those in recent years.

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

AdWeek contributor Chandler Sopko provided several ways in which she believes marketers will be able to optimize their efforts during Super Bowl LII. Her advice is as follows:

  • Outspend the Competition: Even if you are not planning to run a TV spot during the game, you still have to shell out a considerable amount of cash to get your ad into prime position for users. It is very common for people to interact with brands during the game, particularly through social media. For this to happen, you have to first gain their attention by making it to the forefront of the pack.
  • Pin it Up: Party hosts are going to be scouring Pinterest looking for recipes for their upcoming party. If your company has any relevance to users that are looking for ‘the best cheese dip ever’ or ‘football decorations’ now is the time to show them one of your ads.
  • Geotarget with Snapchat: Snapchat has allowed businesses to create and implement their own filters for quite a while now. If you own the type of establishment where users are likely to hang out during the game, such as a sports bar, then a geofilter would be an excellent way to engage your customers while also promoting your business. Make sure to add your logo to the filter. This will alert recipients of every snap of your business, and what a great environment it provides for major events.
  • Continue the Conversation: Do not let the end of the game mark the end of your campaign. Talk of Super Bowl ads extends far into the following week. Be sure that your campaign is still visible as people are discussing it with one another. This will hopefully help you to squeeze a few more engagements out of your target audience.

Past vs Present

Adweek took the time to interview several top creatives in the world of advertising. These creatives discussed their opinions on Super Bowl ads, and shockingly, they all had rather harsh criticisms to share.

Matthew Bull, founder and CEO of SoloUnion, and Rafael Rizuto, founder and CEO of TBD, felt that the Super Bowl is often used as an excuse to be more innovative and creative. Both of these critics felt that each and every day in advertising should be as innovative and creative as possible. No single day should get all of the attention or effort.

Gerry Graf, founder and CEO of Barton F. Graf, expressed disappointment in how little most brands receive for their incredibly large investments into advertising during the Super Bowl. He feels that in order for the ad to have the biggest impact possible on the brand, it should be used for a new company that is not yet recognized by many Americans.

To see the full video interview conducted by Adweek, please click HERE.

Pringles to Debut in Upcoming Super Bowl LII Advertisement

Despite being a digital marketing company, we here at Onimod Global are interested in all sorts of different marketing methods. That is why today we are taking a more traditional approach to discuss ads for the upcoming Super Bowl LII.

Super Bowl Spot Cost

Each year, brands compete for a coveted spot to advertise during the super bowl. As one of the single most televised events of the year, the Super Bowl brings in some serious cash from advertisers.

It is safe to assume that each and every TV spot comes with a hefty price tag, but just how expensive can they be? Jeffrey Dorfman from Forbes claims that $5 million dollars is a bargain for such a TV spot.

Dorfman explains that the cost for these spots has been on the rise for years, but they still present an incredible value for brands. These ads air in front millions of viewers, roughly 110-115 million viewers to be exact.

This huge audience is exactly what makes the opportunity to advertise during the Super Bowl so appealing. Once you break down the cost of $5 million across 110 million viewers, the cost per view is just pennies on the dollar.

Pringles Premier

The Pringles snack company belongs to Kellogg’s, which acquired Pringles back in 2012. Since 1968 the brand has expanded across the globe to over 140 nations, and continues to market itself in as many new locations as possible.

According to Adweek, the Pringle’s Super Bowl campaign will be centered around the idea of “Flavor Stacking”. Flavor Stacking is a concept designed to entice consumers into creating unique flavors by combining different types of Pringles together.

The upcoming ad is said to be, “an opportunity to show people a fun, new way to enjoy their favorite Pringles flavors with their family and friends,” according to Kellogg’s U.S. Snacks’ senior vice president of marketing, Yuvraj Arora. Be sure to look for the debut Pringles ad, along with many others at the upcoming Super Bowl LII on February 4th!