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9 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

The last several days were full of intriguing and surprising data points from the world of digital marketing.

Below appear 9 numbers that caught our eye:

1. Quietly killing it on Facebook
Whisper, which has nearly 2.3 million fans on Facebook, regularly garners between 10,000 likes and 40,000 likes for posts on the social site, a rep for the anonymity app said. For instance, click here to see how one of its confessional-styled memes got big engagement on Thursday.

The company, located in Venice, Calif., doesn’t buy ads to get such results—all the action is organic. Look for an upcoming Adweek story about how Whisper’s tech team has mastered Facebook’s algorithm.

2. Messenger added 100 million users in last three months
Facebook Messenger now has 900 million monthly users, up from 800 million in January, according to Facebook.

3. Kendall’s social kingdom
Influencer.DB, an Instagram analytics firm, said that reality TV star and social media juggernaut Kendall Jenner gains nearly 100,000 followers a day on Instagram. Interestingly, she does best in Germany, which is home to 21 percent of her followers, Influencer.DB said. Meanwhile, the tech vendor also stated that just 7 percent of Jenner’s Instagram followers are in the United States.

4. Insta-hot rod
Mercedes-Benz has been kicking its Instagram game into fifth gear in recent months. For instance, the post below—seen on the car brand’s global account—on Thursday attracted 74,000 likes in its first three hours. And that’s relatively normal for the marketer.


5. A social commerce close-up
In the last three months, e-commerce vendor Custora crunched data about $100 billion in sales among 500 million shoppers and found that only 1.5 percent of retailers’ last-click e-commerce transactions came via social media. Within that sliver of activity, Facebook dominated 81 percent of sales, while shopping-centric Pinterest generated 10.8 percent and Instagram, YouTube and Twitter collectively yielded 5.2 percent.

6. Ad fraud problems
DataXu’s new report said that the rate of fraudulent digital ads fall anywhere in between 17 percent and 30 percent on networks and exchanges. That declaration follows up a joint study by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops in January that predicted digital ad fraud would cost the industry $7.2 billion this year.

7. Marketers signal confidence
The Economist Intelligence Unit, a research division for The Economist, and software giant Marketo teamed for a new study, which revealed that 86 percent of marketers believe they will own the end-to-end customer experience by 2020.

8. Email laziness
According to a study by digital marketing company Adestra, 80 percent of consumers unsubscribe from emails they no longer want to get. Here’s another way of looking at it: A good chunk of folks (20 percent) are too lazy—or busy, to be fair—to take themselves off a list.

9. The search for March Madness
Per tech company HookLogic, basketball-based online searches via its network of e-commerce websites, including Walmart, Target, Sears and Kohl’s, jumped 35 percent during the heart of March Madness this year, compared to the days before the NCAA tourney began.

Bonus stat: Taylor-made power
On April 1, pop songstress Taylor Swift posted a funny spot for Apple on her social accounts, showing her working out. Last weekend, iTunes sales of the song featured in the ad, Drake’s “Jumpman,” skyrocketed 431 percent globally. On Instagram alone, the 1-minute clip has received 1.4 million likes and 153,000 comments.

H/T: Adweek. Getty Images.