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Effective Small Business SEO Strategies

Starting up your own business is a challenge in itself, and one of the most challenging parts is generating any leads for your services. How your business ranks online is the key to helping with that challenge, and it is critical to success. In fact, search engine rank is the number one source of traffic by most websites all over the globe. If creating traffic is a goal of yours, it is essential for you to spend time on small business SEO strategies. Not sure if you’re convinced? Here are a few facts on the first page of search engines according to a study from AOL’s search engine logs:

  • The first ten results (page one ) received 89.71% of all click-through traffic
  • The next 10 results (normally listed on the second page of results) received 4.37%
  • All other pages of results received less than 1% of total search traffic clicks

Last but not least, research has shown in several studies that 93% of all buying decisions will start with an online search.

Paid search, email marketing and social media promotions will also send traffic to your site. However, all of those things cumulatively are not bigger than your organic results.

The digital marketing experts at Onimod Global have some tips for you so that your small business can have the most effective SEO strategy.


Thorough Audit Of Your Site

How can you fix something if you don’t know it’s broken? An audit is a crucial first step to success with your SEO, and will very clearly point out the spots on your site that have room for improvement. Start by searching your own company and specific keywords into a search engine that you want your company to rank for. If you’re not on the first page or in the top 10 search results, that’s a good sign for an improvement opportunity.

If you don’t know how to do this on your own, fear not! Experts at Onimod Global, who are also a trusted Google partner, will audit your site at no cost. You can reach out to us by clicking here.


Long-Tail Keywords

As a brand new business, it will be challenging to rank high on search engines with single word keywords.

To make it easier to understand, we can use the example of selling homemade jewelry. The chances that your pages will rank in the top tier of Google’s first page results are slim to none.

Why is this?

Simply put, the competition is brutally challenging. There is no need to stress out about being the top organic listing for competitive keywords as a start-up company in a competitive field with a small marketing budget. Long-tail keywords like “where to buy handmade jewelry”, or “cheap homemade jewelry in Chicago”, distinguish your business from others. They will also give you the opportunity to rank high with more rare keywords.


Keep Track Of Data

Google has just launched brand new platforms that allow you to keep track of data and simplifies multiple Google products into one space. Catering specifically to small businesses, Google is currently launching Smart Campaigns. These are designed for small business to save you time, offer simplicity, and allow you to focus on results that matter to the small business. These campaigns can be set up in just minutes and are three times better at getting your ad in from of the right audience.

Google has also just launched instant reporting, so you can build your own custom reports in seconds that used to take minutes or even hours. This product uses automatic pivot tables to measure the device against the creative to see what’s performing well, and this will allow you to make changes to any creative based on real-time data.


Focus On Content

Content, above all else, is key to your success. It’s important to make sure the quality of content you’re producing, especially as a new business, is top-notch and something people would spend time viewing. If your pages are keyword rich but provide zero useful information to your customers, your content has the potential to be deemed as spam and Google will dish out penalties.


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