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3 Live Streaming Tips Every Content Marketer Needs To Know

Live streaming in 2021 is a game changer in terms of brand awareness and growing a following. This feature now offered on multiple platforms is a fun, rewarding, and incredibly valuable tool for growing your brand in an online space. The number of B2C content marketers using live streaming in their content mix almost tripled between 2019 and 2020 (13% vs. 35%). When it comes to creating a professional live stream, it’s difficult to keep viewers engaged. Often times there needs to be many moving part, but the payoff is huge and worth it to put in the effort. There is heavy competition among content creators, so in this post we will share some streaming tips and tricks to help you achieve success.

Promote on multiple platforms

Are you doing an IG Live to promote a new line coming out for your brand? Promote that on every channel possible. Don’t limit yourself to an audience that’s only on one platform. This also includes promotion while the live is starting during any platform. Make sure you’re sending out tweets that your live is happening now for anyone that wants to view the products in action. Also, don’t be afraid to let your live run for a bit with only a logo for some time as it’s proven longer live streams perform better than short ones. Just make sure that you’re available to answer any questions for your audience while they wait. However, this pre-roll method isn’t ideal for Facebook Live in particular. The live video is featured in newsfeeds, so it is unfortunately easy to scroll past and miss.

Is your live over? Now time to share on all platforms you can. Edit snippets and upload an IGTV or reel, add video to Twitter, upload to LinkedIn and Facebook, the list is endless. The point is to make sure that your quality content is able to be revisited by your customers that are still interested in your product but missed the live stream.

Respond to comments live

This is the perfect set up for a live Q&A on your brand, your product, your service, anything you want to discuss with your audience! This is where authenticity is key for your audience, it can be very off script and conversational as you discuss any topic with your customer directly. Having an extra set of eyes on your live stream is very important in this case. The extra person helps provide support and can read you questions from your viewers. They also are helpful to inform you of any problems you can’t see, such as audio sync issues or products out of frame.

This is also perfect to set up a Q&A with a guest, multiple leaders in your company, or brand ambassadors. Not only is live streaming more fun and engaging more people, but the additional company offers fresh insights and perspectives to make your live show more interesting.

Do it, but don’t overdo it

It is clear that there is tremendous that value live streaming can bring to a brand – as long as brands focus on creating content that makes their community want to come back for more. This doesn’t need to be expensive production for your team either, because it doesn’t have to be overly produced. Everything to get started – a good camera, microphone, lighting, and a streaming service – can be purchased online.

To increase engagement, go live at a regular time to build up an audience. Inconsistent and irregular frequency of live streams will only frustrate your audience. Consistency in your schedule also makes it easier to market and promote the show. For example, hosting a new influencer on your channel every Tuesday at 6 PM to try on the new collection of jewelry.

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Why Live Video Should Be a Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Finding new tactics to add into your marketing mix can be tough. It can be even harder to stand out  when it seems like all companies are using the same tools and strategies.  

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from the competition is by using newer platforms that not everyone has transitioned to yet. While live video is now used by many big brands, it hasn’t made its way to everyone yet, especially small businesses. 

Videos in general generate the most traffic and engagement of all types of content. Live video content quickly gained traction and data showed that people were spending 3x longer watching live video compared to pre-recorded content. 

If you haven’t already added live video into your marketing mix, it’s the perfect way to start stepping up your social game. 

Why You Should Start Going Live  

1. Increased Engagement 

A Vimeo study found that 80% of consumers would rather watch a livestream about a product than read content marketing posts. Not only do more people prefer live video, but it also adds two elements that pre-recorded videos don’t have: FOMO and real time audience interaction. People hate feeling like they’re missing out on something. It’s even better when they can get their comments and questions read in real time and hear the person respond. It makes users feel more included, increasing engagement significantly. 

2. More Qualified Leads 

Not only do more people engage on live video, they also convert more. The same Vimeo study found that 67% of the livestream audience made a purchase following the session. That is a huge conversion rate in comparison to other content traffic. 

3. Better Authenticity 

With a live video there’s no cuts or retakes. It shows people’s and brand’s most authentic selves, which resonates best with consumers today. This builds more trust and long-term relationships among you and your audience. 

Where to Go Live

1. Instagram

Instagram holds to be one of the best places to go live. There are over 100 million daily users, it’s simple to navigate and it notifies your followers when you go live. Lives can last up to an hour and you can save them on your story for people to view later. 

2. Facebook 

Facebook is also one of the most popular platforms to go live on. Facebook Live is good for face-to-camera videos, as well as live-action shots from events. Broadcasts can last up 

to four hours and in addition to the usual video analytics, you’ll also be able to see the number of live viewers, people reached, reactions, comments and shares. It also notifies your audience when the stream begins and at the end of the broadcast, the video is added to your profile or Facebook page. 

3. TikTok

This is one of the newest platforms, but the fastest growing, with over 800 million active users. If you have a younger audience, this is the perfect place to go live. Live video streaming allows TikTokers to connect with their followers in real-time using comments. It can also help you monetize your account if your live stream audience sends you virtual “gifts.”  The best part about live videos is that you can cover a lot of content through them since TikTok hasn’t yet restricted their duration.

What to Share on Live 

1. Behind the Scenes

No matter the product, service, industry, etc. consumers love seeing how things are created. Live videos give consumers the opportunity to get sneak peeks of how their favorite things come to life, which can help solidifying sales and loyalty. 

2. Q&A’s 

Question-and-answer formats are great for driving high levels of traffic and engagement. If you invite high-profile guests onto your live streaming shows, you can receive lots of interaction from fans. People love getting special insights and tips from influencer and industry leaders. 

3. Events 

Like we said before, people love to feel included. Live streaming events can let people that couldn’t attend in person, feel like they’re still a part of it. This can also create a lot of excitement around the event as well. 

4. Announcements and Promotions

Live video really helps people feel like there is a VIP experience as they got to see something live on video before it hits the “shelves.” Consider teasing whatever new thing is happening in your business as a live stream using exclusive words to describe the sessions ahead of time to drive traffic. Create excitement around call-to-action like asking for feedback or sending a limited amount of product for people to test out. By doing so you create an eager group of people ready to buy new stuff you teased out to them.

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7 Things About Digital Marketing Everyone Should Know

Digital marketing is something every company has to give due consideration to. Not an online business you say. Too bad because that doesn’t excuse you from anything. Even local, land-based businesses have to focus on the online arena, as that’s where their target audiences are.

Here are seven things about digital marketing you absolutely have to know.

1. Mobile Is Now 

Audiences aren’t shifting more to browsing via mobile devices. They are already there. Over 50% of all Internet users are now operating exclusively on mobile devices. If you haven’t made your site responsive and geared everything towards smaller screens, you’re in trouble. First, Google will actively penalize you in the search results, consequently reducing your audience. Second, your existing customers will become increasingly frustrated and alienated.

2. Micro-Moments

The easiest way to define this is by relating it to impulse shopping. Portability and accessibility in the business world has led to the rise of micro-moments. You have mere seconds to fulfill a customer’s need. Your company has to have a platform that operates 24/7 in order to cater to anyone wherever they are.

3. Using Apps

Apps are becoming the ultimate way to reach your audience. A quick look at the TV and you will see just how many companies are advertising their apps instead of their core businesses. This is because many customers are ignoring browsers and going straight for apps. If you don’t already have a related app for your business, now is the time to address that.

4. Consider The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things is a modern phenomenon relating to how ordinary every-day objects can, and are expected to, connect with a network. In other words, our phones turned from a simple way to make calls to connecting to the Internet. Smart home technology is another example of how the Internet of Things is taking hold. This is yet to become an absolute ‘must’ for businesses as it’s still in its infancy, but you should already be considering what you’re going to do about it. For now, this may be as simple as an app or thinking about the wider impact of your products and services.

5. Branding and Brand Management

The definition of branding for digital marketers has changed. It once referred to printing business cards, coming up with a website, and slapping a logo on it. Your brand extends to everything, now, especially how you are going to communicate with customers. Branding for businesses in 2016 must be holistic. It must include delving into potentially difficult topics like reputation and crisis management. Brands that succeed in the long run plan for every possible eventuality. All it takes is a co-worker to say the wrong thing and it can completely smear the company’s reputation.

6. Pushing People Through The Door

According to Edward James, CEO of Go Up, “SEO was once measured by the amount of traffic flowing to a website. Digital marketers made their money through getting people through the door. What happened afterwards was none of their concern. Now the responsibilities of the digital marketer have changed. It’s less about pushing people through the door and more about monitoring them throughout the entire purchasing process.” The digital marketer must concentrate on all steps of the buying process. In addition, after that they have to think about how they are going to retain customers in the long-term.

7. Live Streaming

Live streaming through platforms like Periscope and Twitch are on the up. Many companies have dismissed them as novelties that don’t need to be considered. Nevertheless, digital marketers have managed to turn them into dollar signs. Don’t underestimate the desire of customers to see what’s going on inside an operation. While we can’t give you any concrete tactics for how to utilize live streaming for the benefit of your business, what we can say is this is something to watch. Digital marketing is set to become more interactive than ever before, and part of this revolution will come from harnessing the potential of live streaming.


Digital marketing isn’t something you can ignore if you want to make your organization into a success. The time is now to take advantage of it. If you don’t know enough about it, hire someone. Nevertheless, whatever you do don’t let your competitors pass you by.

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