Digital Marketing

The Latest From Google

There were a few new features recently introduced at the 2017 Google Marketing Next keynote. Google is constantly trying to optimize the experience it provides for both its marketers as well as its consumers who conduct millions of searches every minute of every day through its site. They continue to innovate and create a better experience in the year of 2017, and recently unveiled the latest in search engine optimization.

Google Optimize:

There appears to be a bigger focus on landing pages this year as Google Optimize comes out of its beta stage. The program allows a user to test their ads side-by-side in order to directly compare one ad or landing page against the other. New reporting capabilities are also included in this updated application.

Google 360:

Google 360 is another innovation that will make this process easier. More than 10 million respondents per week can be reached through this new program, which provides greater insight into how consumers react to the differences between pages or ads, and which they would be more inclined to engage with.

AdWords Redesign:

In addition to the announcements made at the Google Marketing Next conference, there are other important happenings within the realm of Google. For the first time in 8 years the search engine giant decided to redesign the look of Google AdWords. The enhancements include a more easily navigable interface and more direct comparisons when generating advertisements.

The change is not going to be released all at once. Instead, advertisers will receive the update selectively over time. There is no real way to know exactly when you may receive the update as it is, “based on a number of factors”. However, Google representatives did say that all advertisers should receive the update by years end, so stay tuned!