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A Guide To Pinterest Advertising

There’s a continuous growth pattern of different social media platforms you can choose to advertise on, and a fairly new platform entering the mix is Pinterest. Pinterest is the social media platform that doesn’t get quite as much traffic as giants like Facebook and Twitter, however it is very influential when it comes to purchasing decisions. Though Pinterest only has 200 million users, they actually beat out Instagram and have a larger influence on social media users making purchasing decisions in the U.S. The experts at Onimod Global have the inside scoop on different ads to use and what you need to know about using this platform.

Types of Ads

Promoted Pins

There are several options here, and the most basic they have is a Promoted Pin. It is their standard ad they offer that will drive traffic by simply paying for a Pin to have more consumers see it. From there, anyone that repins it or saves  your pin is considered organic traffic. If any other user sees the pin on a personal page, the promoted label won’t be included and the extra traffic you would receive doesn’t cost a thing.

Promoted Video Pins

If you’re looking to increase engagement in an awareness campaign, a great option to go with would be a Promoted Video Campaign. These will for sure stand out among other pins and capture lots of attention while scrolling through a variety of pins.

One-Tap Pins

Another option would be a One-Tap Promoted Pin, which are unique and take you straight to a landing page. Most pins require two-clicks to get to a landing page and click-through to a site, that’s where these come in handy. You will see much higher click-through rates (CTR) with these types of Promoted Pins, however it could potentially lead to higher bounce rates and also may waste money.

Promoted App Pins

You can also advertise for an app on Pinterest where you can add an app simply by clicking an “install” in the ad copy. This is extremely helpful and unique because rather than redirecting you to the app store, you can download an app without ever leaving Pinterest’s site.

Cinematic Pins

These advertisements are very similar to the Video Pins in terms of animation, however the cinematic pins move only when the user scrolls. The pin will stop moving when the user stops scrolling, and from there the user can click on the pin and watch the full video from there.


This is a phenomenal platform to use, especially if a demographic your business targets contains either U.S. Baby Boomers and moms. As of right now, the ads are only available in United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, but more markets should be available soon. According to Marketing Land, 61 percent of Pinners make purchases after seeing a brand’s content on Pinterest. With these odds, it’s absolutely worth it to look into and see if this platform works for your business’s marketing strategy.

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