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3 Ways to Become a Major Influence in the Digital Marketing Industry

Many individuals and organizations out there today are battling to become major influences in the digital marketing community. Building a major brand is no simple task and getting your name out there can take months if not years. Hosting Facts found that “over two millions blog posts are published on the internet every day.” Therefore, standing out from the crowd is a huge challenge. Listed below are some ways that could direct your organization to becoming a digital marketing influence.

1. Consistent Production of Strong and Relevant Content:
The saying is overused, but “content is king” is a reality. The focus should be on producing your own content, but sharing relevant content from big influencers time to time can be beneficial. Generating content doesn’t always mean lengthy blog posts with loads of text. Content can be produced in the form of memes, videos, podcasts, and other means. The overall goals of producing content are making sure it’s keyword rich for SEO purposes and that it resonates with your target audiences.

2. Showcase Your Personal or Organization’s Credibility:
Showing off your own personal credentials or what you’ve accomplished for an organization is another way to get your name out there. Readers will take you seriously if the content you produce is legitimate and provides real world insight. Case studies, testimonials from clients, and certifications are all great ways to display credibility. Check out some of our client Case Studies at Onimod Global.

3. Engagement is Key:
Producing content is one thing, but receiving engagement from audiences will take your influence to the next level. It’s important to point out that engagement happens on both sides – if you don’t interact with the people reaching out to you then engagement levels will decrease as a result. Another reason why engagement is essential has to do with social media posting. The algorithms on Facebook and Twitter for instance pay attention to activity level on posts. In other words, the more engagement your posts receive, the more impressions and clicks that will follow.

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