4 Best Apps for the Every Day Marketer

Employee burn-out is all too common in today’s work space. As digital marketing grows within many different companies, additional effort is needed from the staff. More focus, more commitment, more creativity, and mainly more hours.

The use of these apps are a simple way to stay on track and maintain a healthy work environment. They all service a different type of need from relaxation to productivity and organization. Find out how these apps can best serve you in your day-to-day work life.


Stress Relief:


Stress is entirely too familiar for many working adults. As of February 2017, Statista reported that 39% of U.S. adults experience stress at work or in their professional lives. To ease this stress, we recommend the use of Buddhify.

Buddhify is an app to help alleviate tension and worry through its many guided meditations. The Buddhify app has been gaining a lot of attention, from BuzzFeed in particular, for being a good stress reliever. The app offers a range of meditations for any kind of situation or mood, including one called “Work Break”.

Not only does the “Work Break” track assist many in escaping their stressful realities, but there are also several other useful options. “Ready”, “Being Online”, and “Feeling Stressed” are additional great choices that leave one feeling refreshed and balanced.


As a digital marketer, you are likely to spend a majority of your time sitting and looking at a screen. Onward helps you understand just how much screen time you are actually adding up each day.

The app also breaks down the time you spend on screen into different categories. Social media, news, and communication are all major culprits of excessive screen time. Once the app determines your amount of screen time, it can then suggest things you can do to lessen that time.




Many digital marketers often dabble in graphic design from time to time. Unfortunately, it can be hard to be a Photoshop or Adobe InDesign pro with very limited experience. This is where Fonta can help.

Fonta is a unique little design studio app with the ability to change an image using many simple special effects. You can create stylish captions across your image, change up the background, add a funky border, or try out some new lighting effects in this user friendly app.

The best part is that this app is free! Normally priced at $0.99, Fonta has recently removed its charge, making it even easier for beginners to produce high quality illustrations.




Have you ever made an amazing spur-of-the-moment professional connection but didn’t have a business card to give them? Most people outside of the sales occupation do not carry business cards. They are often forgotten about until a moment, like the one just mentioned, where you begin kicking yourself for not having them in the first place.

With CamCard, you are able to store and share business cards anytime and anywhere, so long as you have your smartphone. This app scans and automatically stores new business cards. It can also exchange e-cards with other users, eliminating the need for a physical paper card altogether.

5 Tips for Creating Effective Landing Pages

When seeking conversions of any sort, a landing page can “make or break” a user’s decision to convert. Building a compelling landing page tailored for conversions is much easier said than done. There are numerous factors that go into the creation of a landing page, but what separates good landing pages apart from bad ones? This post will explore five effective landing page practices from our previous experiences thus far at Onimod Global.

1. Use a Landing Page Template:
In today’s digital world, setting up a landing page from scratch may already put you at a disadvantage. There are many online resources out there that provide user friendly templates to get you started on the right path. Some that come to mind are Instapage, Leadpages, Unbounce, and certain WordPress plugins. Most landing pages that you’ll come across today are most likely created from a template.

2. Emphasis on Call to Action:
Having a clear call to action is one of the most important features for any landing page. The call to action is essentially what you want website visitors to do. Some highly used call to action phrases include: buy now, register, more info, sign up, contact us, etc. It’s also important to not distract site visitors with lots of other requests on the page. There should typically be only one, clear cut call to action. Ultimately, the call to action is by far the most important aspect of any landing page.

3. A/B Testing:
A/B testing is one of the most efficient strategies when it comes to finalizing a landing page. A/B testing consists of tweaking certain characteristics to test one landing page layout against another. Characteristics that can be tested include text font, color, size of buttons, navigation features, subheadings, use of bullet points, and any other web page feature you desire. The overall purpose of A/B testing is to ensure that your landing page is user friendly with main points and the call to action being “eye catching.”

4. Precise Information:
The last thing you want to do with any landing page is ramble on with information and drive potential conversions away. Over time research has indicated that the more choices you offer people, the less chance you have of getting desired conversions. A couple of questions to ask yourself when constructing a landing page are “do I really need to gather every piece of information possible?” or “is it relevant to include every piece of company information?” Keeping forms short and simple will most likely increase your response rates and moving all company info to the “about” page is probably your best bet.

5. Show Off Credibility:
It’s no surprise that consumers tend to place a higher value on products/services that other people have already approved. Showing off statistics, testimonials, or mentions from the media is an effective way to display an organization’s credibility. Great testimonials in particular should always be showcased somewhere on the landing page. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, whether it comes in the form of testimonials or even likes and shares.

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The New Sephora Studio Digital Experience

As internet sales soar, it is no surprise that overall foot traffic in and out of physical store locations is declining. Retailers everywhere are looking for solutions that will bring their customers back to shop in-store. Sephora, an international beauty-retail company with over 2,300 current store locations, is emerging with digital answers to this issue.

The first ever “Sephora Studio” was recently unveiled in Boston, and is notably different from any other Sephora location. The average Sephora is stationed inside of a mall and spans roughly 5,500 square feet of never-ending cosmetic glory. These new studios, however, will have more unique placements near downtown marketplaces and will only cover 2,000 square feet.

These alterations are all part of Sephora’s new business plan. CEO Calvin McDonald explains, “In today’s retail environment where very little is constant and clients’ expectations are ever-evolving, one thing has remained true for SEPHORA: there is no better way to create meaningful connections with clients than through personalized experiences and a customized approach to beauty. We could not be more focused on that notion than we are with the opening of SEPHORA Studio.”

The idea is to use modern technologies to establish a real relationship with the consumer. These kinds of connections breed intense brand loyalty. The best way to get customers to stick around is to give them a meaningful and seamless experience with your product.

This process is made even easier by the iPhone 7s that all associates carry with them around the store. These phones replace the need for bulky and immobile registers by allowing the associates to ring up a customer’s purchase from anywhere in store.

An incredible number of new services have also been released within Sephora’s mobile interface. Users now have access to a variety of tools to assist them before, during, and after their store visit. A “virtual artist”, makeover and mini facial scheduling options are just a few features included in this groundbreaking digital experience.

The Boston location is currently the only Sephora Studio in existence. However, there are already plans to expand the studios across the east coast. According to the Boston Herald, new venues in Brooklyn, New York, Hoboken, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. are all expected to arrive within the next year.

How the Healthcare Industry is Utilizing Digital Marketing Strategies

Healthcare is something that is required by every individual. It is a universal need due to the fact that inevitably, everyone gets ill at some point. This need produces an enormous industry and marketplace, which is just beginning to scratch the surface of digital marketing.

While there is money to be made in such a large industry, the primary concern has always been to help people. So how do outsell others in the healthcare business? To answer this question, many organizations are turning to digital marketing.

Best Practices, LLC recently released an article on how pharmaceutical companies are investing more and more into digital marketing. Their goals are to use digital technologies to learn more about their customers and build solid relationships with them.

All of the major digital advertising platforms are equipped with advanced targeting options. The key is to streamline your ads to the perfect audience. Best Practices, LLC took it upon themselves to discover exactly who this audience contains in their report, “Digital Innovation Path: Trends in Healthcare Digital Marketing Innovation, Customer Engagement, Investment and Approvals.”

Key findings in the report conclude that non-branded websites repeatedly drive high ROIs for many businesses, and that implementing standardized templates and open communications with patients is vital.

Digital marketing teams are provided with a substantial amount of creativity when working with non-branded websites. This allows them to be incredibly innovative and successful when it comes to returns for the company.

It is not surprising to also find that simplistic continuity is preferred by consumers. It is essential to keep the process as smooth as possible for those working their way through it. If a problem does arise, it is also important that they can easily reach out for help. Using live chat messaging systems is a common solution to this issue, and is typically received positively by users.

Other general digital marketing strategies to implement in the healthcare field are:

  • Use of Engaging Visual Content: The more original and exceptional content you produce, the better. People want to see you engaging with others and talking about current issues. This helps potential customers see that you care about what is going on in the world, and that you also care about them.
  • Build a Credible Brand Identity: If you want to be taken seriously, then you need a credible brand. This goes hand-in-hand with delivering creative content. Build out your brand by establishing it on other platforms. Social media profiles are the easiest, and cheapest, way to show consumers that your company is legitimate.
  • Have a Quality Website: A good website is another sign of strong brand credibility. This aspect can also increase your visibility and conversion rates. Search engine optimization is what allows websites to rank higher on the first page of Google search results. If Google’s algorithm deems your website as being relevant to users, then it will automatically push it to a higher position. While SEO is a bit complicated and time consuming, it can produce great organic results for your business.

4 Marketing Ideas for the Fourth of July

With July 4th being right around the corner, marketers are given an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the holiday. Advertising budgets for July 4th campaigns are continually on the rise as marketers compete for a larger share. Listed below are five marketing ideas that can be implemented for your fourth of July campaign.

1. Discounts and Promotions:
This may seem like an obvious one, yet it’s surprising how some organizations refuse to participate in any sort of July 4th promotion. It’s almost an expectation now for online consumers that businesses will have July 4th promotions. Therefore, because of the high presence of online traffic during this time it’s essential for companies to participate in July 4th promotions and heavily push them on social media channels.

2. Social Media Contests:
If brand awareness is an important KPI to your organization then pursuing a contest on social media will help achieve your goal. Facebook in particular is probably the best platform to use for this situation. “Happy Fourth of July! Like and share this post for a chance to win…” is an original but easy strategy to implement that will generate a ton of impressions and engagements.

3. Utilize Trending Hashtags:
Staying on top of the Twitter world is always a good idea, yet it’s more important during the holidays. Always be sure to use trending hashtags with your posts because more impressions and engagements will follow. Here are some examples of July Fourth hashtags currently trending on Twitter:
– #4thofJuly2017
– #July4th
– #IndependenceDay
– #July4thweekend

4. Show Appreciation for Customers/Clients:
It never hurts to show appreciation for your customers or clients and how much they mean to your business. Even a simple “Happy Fourth of July to all of our customers/clients” social media post can make a bigger difference than you think. Stand out from your competitors and take advantage of the holiday by being appreciative to those that matter to your organization!

5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to making marketing decisions for an organization, the decision to hire “in house” or outsource marketing efforts can sometimes be a difficult decision. In the ever changing world of digital marketing, it’s in a company’s best interest to hire an agency to take on the work. The question then becomes “what are the major benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?” Listed below are five crucial reasons as to why an organization should hire an agency for all of their digital marketing efforts.

1. Time:
Running the day to day operations of any business can be tiresome regardless of the industry. Therefore, allocating time to digital marketing efforts on top of daily tasks is in some cases impossible for certain companies. Digital agencies like us at Onimod Global dedicate all of our time to client needs and ensure high quality results.

2. Expertise:
Related to time allocation, most companies do not have the digital expertise that agencies possess. Having extensive knowledge of SEO, SEM, website development, social media marketing, and other digital skills is what agencies specialize in. Therefore, if you desire high quality results from your digital marketing efforts, hiring an agency is the way to go.

3. Cost Effective:
As a business owner it’s no secret that budgeting and spending money effectively can make or break a business. Hiring digital marketing employees in house has proven to be much more costly than outsourcing to an agency. It’s all about ROI. Digital marketing agencies place an extremely high emphasis on their clients’ return on investment.

4. Adaptability:
The world of digital marketing is continually changing as we know it. Having the capability to adapt to new software, applications, updates, etc. is something that agencies prioritize. Being able to constantly adapt also relates to time and expertise, as training and adapting to new technologies can get extensive.

5. Connections:
Some of the top digital marketing agencies in the field today have great connections with Google, Bing, and other organizations to stay ahead of the game. Being able to obtain inside information from Google for example is huge. Being a member of the Google Partners program is one of the major ways digital agencies set themselves apart from others.

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What is Onimod Global?

This article is written for those trying to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and what we do. Onimod Global is a Chicago based Digital Marketing & Consulting firm that strives to work with your company on an ongoing basis to adapt and stay ahead of your competition in an ever-changing digital marketplace. Onimod is much more than a simple digital marketing company. We pride ourselves on being versed in a wide variety of online marketing channels as well as offering customized reporting capabilities to every single one of our clients. We are not a cookie-cutter company. We are not one-size-fits all. We are Onimod Global.


Google Partner:

If you have ever browsed the Onimod Global homepage, you will notice a few different things. For one, we pride ourselves on being a Google Partner. This partnership allows us to have access to specific Google representatives that keep us updated on any and all Google-related news. These representatives also provide unique assistance with any issues that may arise when using Google products. What this partnership also means is that the company contains employees who are certified experts in all areas of Google such as Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and more.


Digital Synergy:

Another focal point displayed on the Onimod Global homepage is our Digital Synergy service. Digital Synergy is our cross-channel digital marketing expertise, advanced analytical analysis and experience in constructing and executing successful digital campaigns. Digital Synergy ensures your brand meets the consumer when and where they need them. This type of all-encompassing service provides a business with the opportunity to integrate and implement all of their digital marketing strategies and goals into one single work plan that we provide. Rather than creating several fragmented campaigns across several advertising platforms with several different administrators, Onimod Global handles them all, making it easier to maintain and report on results.


Other Services:

In addition to Digital Synergy, Onimod also offers a variety of other services including SEO, SEM, Social Media content development and maintenance, Website design and development, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, and Analytics Reporting. A myriad of advertising platforms are used alongside of these many services. Here at Onimod we frequently utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google tools, and more to increase brand awareness and traffic. We make it simple for the client to pick and choose which services they would and would not like to implement. This also allows for a more unique and customized experience for the customer. Each of our clients greatly appreciate the ability to create a custom digital marketing strategy because it gives them the freedom to tailor their digital needs to be most effective and beneficial to their business.


Contact Us:

If you or someone you know is interested in working with us here at Onimod Global to improve upon your digital marketing strategies and techniques, please reach out by visiting our website to fill out a quick and easy contact form!