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Updates to Facebook Advertising and View Tags

Facebook is always developing new strategies for measuring the effectiveness of ads on their site. Recently, the company added several third-party solutions, 18 to be exact, to improve measurements of ads. In doing so, Facebook decided to cut back on the capabilities of what their view tags can do.

What is a Facebook view tag?

You can find this excellent tool on the ad level of Ads Manager and Power Editor, and this functions similar to the Facebook pixel due to conversion tracking. However, they differ in that the view tag tracks with cookies who viewed the ad but didn’t click on it at the moment. Facebook pixel will only track users that clicked-through your advertisement after viewing or interacted with your business on Facebook. For example, if you were to see an ad of a bathing suit on Facebook and scrolled past it, and later decided to search and buy the suit, the view tag will track that conversion through cookies on your browser. These cookies can remain on your browser for years until they are cleared or expired.

Why is this a valuable tool?

Advertisemint does a great job at explaining why view tags can be very beneficial:

“View Tags is beneficial because you can track both the people who have clicked your ad and the people who have not. If you don’t use View Tags, you will miss the largest segment of users who later acted on the offer without clicking the ad. One campaign by SocialCode found that 87 percent of conversions came from impressions, not clicks. This means 87 percent of users saw the ad, didn’t take the business’ offer straight from the ad, then later converted from the business’ website.”

What is changing?

This is currently how view tags work for Facebook advertising, but they are switching things up slightly. According to Marketing Land, Facebook commented:

“Moving forward, we’ll work with a more focused set of view tag providers to allow them to count impressions for verification purposes, but view tags will no longer be used for measurement purposes beyond counting.”

A few partners that have been added to Facebook’s marketing partner program that offer viewability metrics are Meetrics and DoubleVerify. View tags on Facebook will now be only authorized to count impressions, and tracking will no longer be available.

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How to Refine Your Content Marketing Skills

In advertising there are few things more important than copy. Your specific choice of words are what strike a chord with your audience. They are the reason that readers continue to the end of your article. So, how do you become an expert in content marketing?

Well, this article makes no guarantees but the digital marketing experts here at Onimod Global are confident that the following tips will greatly improve your content marketing abilities.

Making Headlines

Your content should always begin with an attention-grabbing headline. Such a headline can be difficult to create as you must not only convey the essence of the content but you must also peak the interest of the viewer.

Some general rules to remember when generating a remarkable headline are as follows:

  1. Be Specific: Get right to the point of your article in the headline. Make sure that the audience is aware of what the article is really all about.
  2. Be Descriptive: Try to paint a picture with your words. This does not mean that you need to use overly complicated jargon from a thesaurus, but rather that you should describe the subject of the piece carefully and colorfully.
  3. Ask A Question: This particular method can easily become cheesy but the key is to sound less like a 30-second infomercial and more like a concerned colleague or friend that is personally addressing the reader. Focus on appealing to the needs and wants of the reader rather than simply trying to sell your product.
  4. Do Your Homework: Did you know that the best opener for a headline is “X Reasons Why..”? These are the types of things that you should know if you wish to consider yourself a serious content marketing specialist.

The Next Step

Unfortunately, expertly crafting a unique and engaging headline is not the hardest part of content marketing. The true challenge lies in getting the viewer to actually start reading your content. Whether this be in the form of a click or a purchase, the objective remains the same.

In the process of content creation that is aimed at making conversions, you should bear a few things in mind:

  1. Start Out Strong: Your opening line needs to be as equally engaging as the headline you just wrote in order to keep the attention of the reader.
  2. Seamless Transitions: As you move between paragraphs you should be aware of how well each sentence is flowing into the next. A disjunct phrase could cause the reader to stumble, and possibly even close out of your article altogether.
  3. Don’t Forget A CTA: At the end of each content piece there should always be some sort of call to action. This is how you redirect the reader back to other genius content that you have created, or to some other sort of resource that is relevant to the subject of the article.

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4 Digital Marketing Skills Every Professional Must Have

Digital Marketing is a very broad term that consists of many important areas for professionals to master, and is also a fast growing industry for employment. SEO, SEM, social media advertising, email marketing, and data analysis are all critical aspects that every digital marketing expert should have experience with. Besides knowledge of these key areas, what are some other important digital marketing skills professionals should have?

1. Copywriting and Content Development 
Being able to effectively communicate and deliver persuasive messages is one digital marketing skill that can never be overlooked. Content is one of the most important components of every advertising campaign, and is a major factor when it comes to SEO and ranking for certain search queries. It is crucial that every blog post, Google ad, commercial, and company website contains relevant and powerful content. Driving home the “big idea” to every potential consumer is how you get your name out there, and why others should do business with you. Ultimately, content development is a skill that more and more marketers are being asked to master.

2. Website Development Knowledge
Some people confuse digital marketing and website development as two completely separate fields. In some ways this could be the case, yet having website development knowledge will greatly benefit an individual’s digital marketing expertise. Being able to understand the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and how to operate within a content management system (CMS) are all important. Another thing to keep in mind regarding website development knowledge is that it goes hand in hand with SEO, and understanding how to achieve good organic rankings on search engines. Moreover, the more website development knowledge a digital marketing professional has, the better.

3. Research and Strategic Planning
Staying current with the latest digital marketing trends and updates will only set yourself apart from the other digital marketers in the industry. Taking 30 minutes out of your day to read up on articles from Search Engine Land, Forbes, AdWeek, and Search Engine Journal can be extremely beneficial. Effective research can sometimes require more than simply “Googling things” like understanding the industries of clientele and who their target audiences are. In addition to research, strategic planning is also very important. This refers to analyzing past data and knowing how to deliver better results in the long run.

4. Account Management
Having proper account management skills and understanding how to effectively interact with clients is huge. Demonstrating strong account management means you have a firm grasp of execution, planning, strategy, budgeting, data analysis, and more. Being flexible and customer service-oriented is important as well. Campaigns consistently need monitored, problems arise, and some clients experience their best business outside of the typical Monday-Friday 9-5 hours. In the end, account management is huge in digital marketing, and certain “soft skills” often times get overlooked.

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4 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Has Taken Over Traditional

It’s no surprise that in the past decade digital marketing has become the focal point of most organizational marketing efforts. I’m not inferring that all traditional marketing efforts have completely died out as print, radio, and TV advertising are all still in existence. However, traditional efforts are dying a slow death as more consumers continue to spend more time on the internet. According to Internet Live Stats, “approximately 40,000 searches happen on Google PER SECOND, which sums to about 3.5 billion searches per day.” Listed below are four major reasons why digital marketing will continue to take over traditional methods.

1. Data and Results are Measurable:
Many forms of traditional marketing (tv, print, radio, billboards, etc.) are very hard or sometimes impossible to figure out impressions or especially conversions. With SEO and ppc campaigns, analytics are available from any date range. Impressions, clicks, engagement rates, cost per click, and conversions are now easily traceable with Google Analytics and insight tools on all the platforms. Ultimately, we now have the ability to analyze data and this is highly valuable regarding future campaign adjustments.

2. Defined and Targeted Audiences:
Ensuring that the right people come across your advertisements should be a top priority. Platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and others contain impressive targeting options that allow advertisers to hit designated audiences. Although some traditional efforts can target certain people by location for instance, the targeting features of digital marketing are light years ahead. On Facebook for example you can target by location, age, gender, occupation, user’s interests, and other relevant factors.

3. Cost Efficiency:
Depending on budgets and how much time and effort is put into digital marketing campaigns, it can still be an expensive venture. However, for the amount of traffic online ads receive compared to traditional ads, it’s not a comparison. Cpc campaigns in particular you are only charged per click, so the amount of impressions your ads receive is invaluable. Advertising through billboards, radio, and television especially can get costly. Plus as mentioned earlier, it’s very difficult to track results so figuring out ROI can be a headache.

4. Future Implications:
Digital marketing from a general standpoint is always evolving. Search engine algorithms change, interfaces update, and the expansion of mobile users is something to keep an eye on. Therefore, focusing the majority if not all marketing efforts to digital is a step in the right direction. As more people continue to spend more time online, use social media, and Google multiple phrases per day, the digital marketing world will continually reach new heights.

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The 5 Most Important Things About Your Brand

First Impressions

No one gets a second first impression. This is true in all kinds of different relationships, but especially in business. With only a few seconds to connect with users, companies need to deliver a clear and concise message to consumers.

Start by asking what a potential customer might think the very first time that they interact with your brand. In every aspect of your company from a Facebook post to the website home page, you need to ensure that you are communicating your brand effectively.


Search Engine Optimization is a very serious topic when it comes to how customers are reaching you. Not only does enhanced SEO help drive traffic and awareness, but it can also heavily impact the user’s overall experience with your brand.

For instance, if a potential client goes to your website but can’t figure out how to navigate through the pages, then you have a problem. This kind of issue can prevent them from learning more about your company or even reaching out through phone or email.

Social Media

10 years ago it is unlikely that anyone could have predicted that there would be a need for such a thing as a “social media manager”. Times have certainly changed. In today’s digitally driven environment, social media plays a very important role in brand recognition.

According to Statista, 70% of the population in the U.S. has at least one active social media account. That means that if your brand is not utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other major platforms, then it is severely limiting itself.


Content is the incredible piece of the puzzle that brings everything else together. It shows what you have to offer and how you can help your customers across all kinds of digital mediums.

The best way to utilize your brand’s content is to link it all together. Drive every click, tweet, and post back to your website. This allows users browsing Facebook to easily pop over to your website and take a look at your amazing products and services.

Data Measurement and Analysis

No matter how well your business is doing, it is near impossible to realize just how well things are going without some type of measurement. Simple tools like Google Analytics can go a long way in helping your brand succeed.

By taking a look behind the scenes, you can start to get some real answers. Have a sudden uptick in conversions? Try taking a look at how much content you generated, or how well your company ranks on the first few pages of Google search results. Once you can solve the mystery as to why good or bad things are happening, you can take action to make better choices for your brand.

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Content Marketing Tips: How to Use Live Video to Build Your Brand

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri discusses how just how important live video is in 2017.

Live video is a great to maintain a two-way conversation with your audience — something you simply can’t do when you’re reading a script — and major social networks are taking note. Snapchat is now a multi-billion-dollar company with live news feeds, Twitter has invested heavily in Periscope, and Facebook is pushing its own live feeds. So, get on board now and learn how to use this tool in 2017, because it’s going to be bigger than ever.

Social Media Marketing Tips for the Fall and Holiday Season

October begins the holiday season for businesses and marketers. You should embrace the new seasons and holidays as part of your social media marketing strategy. The seasons are a perfect time to produce relevant content that revolves around current situations all your customers and prospects are currently in. Holiday shopping begins before Halloween for 20 to 40% of all consumers. The fall season is a very busy time for people to be searching the internet and browsing social media for Halloween costume ideas, fall recipes, fall decorating ideas and crafts, the list is almost endless. It’s important your business has a strong online presence during this pivotal time to take advantage of a large audience. Below are some marketing tips for your business to implement this holiday season:

1. Profile background to match the season
Consider customizing your social media profiles for the holidays. Your online presence should reflect the current season your business is experiencing. Showing an updated and current online presence will build up the credibility for your business in the eyes of the consumers. An idea could be to promote a specific product or service your business offers that would interest viewers the most during the specific holiday or season your currently in. Include an image of this on your social media background along with a theme to match the holiday or season. For instance, a jewelry store could highlight a couple seasonal jewelry pieces they sell on their social media background along with any seasonal specials.

2. Search for relevant hashtags to use during the season and implement them into your content strategy and editorial calendar
See what holiday or seasonal hashtags are being commonly used and see if your business can relate to it or if it caters to your customer’s lifestyle. Craft social media posts with the relevant hashtags a couple times a week to increase the reach of your messages. You could also make a special hashtag for your business that’s relevant each year the holiday season approaches. It will help keep the conversation going. For instance you could use your brand name followed by gift idea, like this #BrandnameHolidayGiftIdeas to showcase your products and services. Some other relevant hashtags could be #HolidaySavings and #HolidayDeals.

3. Write a blog posts that relevant to the season and your business
Look for opportunities to use seasonal topics and traditions to engage your audience in a timely and relevant way. This can humanize your business and help customers connect with you in a whole new way. For example, Napoleon Perdis, a popular makeup brand, created a series of “How To” tutorials demonstrating how a customer could apply Napoleon Perdis makeup to create classic Halloween looks.

4. Share social media posts relevant to the season
Showcasing what you have in common with your audience is a great way for your brand to humanize it’s image and strengthened your relationship with your current and future clients. Share tips relevant to the season like Gibson Air did with this tweet “Fall Energy Saving Tip: turn fans clockwise in the fall to force warm air down, improving the energy efficiency of your home” During the fall season HVAC companies should provide tips that relate to heating and preparing for the winter season. A jewelry store could highlight seasonal jewelry fashion trends in their social posts. Always keeping up with the trends will allow customers to see you as a credible information provider that’s always up-to-date and cares about delivering the freshest content to viewers. This will encourage customers to engage and search out information from your business.

5. Create a Pinterest board revolving around the holiday
Pinterest is a great source of traffic and a great way to increase the reach of your messages. During the holiday season people are searching Pinterest for specific holiday or seasonal ideas, tips and gifts. This is a great opportunity for you to develop a special holiday Pinterest board to increase your reach and visibility online. If you are an HVAC company you could create a Pinterest board titled “Fall Décor Ideas” where you would share fall décor ideas for homes. You would be providing content that’s relevant to your customer’s lifestyle, your business and the current season which is always a win-win situation.

6. Create a social contest revolving around the holiday or season
Giveaways are a great way to create exposure and a buzz around your product, service or brand. A contest that matched the season would be a strategic way to capitalize on a trending topic. For example, TomTom launched a holiday-themed sweepstakes giveaway and called it “TomTom’s 12 Days of Giveaways”. Create a special Facebook tab for your contest to further capture data to further analyze to develop social media strategy. Make a contest that requires users to enter an email, to help build up your email list so you can update subscribers on future contests, promotions and announcements. In fact 55% of brands use email as their number one holiday marketing channel (Accenture)

7. Create a special YouTube playlist revolving around a seasonal or holiday topic
You can create your specific playlists on your YouTube channel to feature videos that has information your customers may be searching online during a particular season or holiday. For example Travel Channel is featuring a “Fall in Finger Lakes” playlist on their YouTube channel during October and features the best attractions to experience during the fall in New York’s Finger Lakes region.

fall season social media marketing tips for YouTube

8. Implement event marketing and host a holiday themed event, that’s promoted on social media
Events are a great way to interact with your customers and to increase your exposure. Social media can further the experience of your events in many ways. You could create a special hashtag to create a conversation around your event and promote it on your social profiles. You should also develop photo albums on your social networks to share photos of the event. A holiday or seasonal themed event shows your customers and your community your fun and creative side.

9. Create seasonal specials and coupons
If you’re looking to boost engagement, offering coupons and discounts are one of your best options. Try developing a seasonal special that you can offer each year to keep customers coming back. Share these specials in social media posts to increase your reach.

Use these marketing tips and ideas to make the most of the spike in holiday traffic and spending, and create a positive impression of your small business that will last long into next year.

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