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Tips for Finding Your Ideal SEO Company

SEO, or search engine optimization, can seem confusing, complicated, and difficult. That’s why many businesses turn to an outside SEO agency. With thousands of different agencies to choose from, it can be even more difficult to find a qualified and reliable one. When you know what to look for, it can become easier than you’d think. Here are 4 tips for finding your ideal SEO company. 

Clearly Establish Your Goals 

First, you want to be specific about your goals so you can find a company that can meet them. This should be more than just trying to get more organic traffic or rank for specific keywords. Establish exactly what you want to accomplish with SEO, whether that be to boost revenue or get more downloads or signups. No matter which company you chose, make sure you’re clear on the type of results you’re looking for and what services you need.

Their Strategies are Concrete 

SEO isn’t magic, so you should avoid any company that talks about it abstractly. There are no “secret” optimization techniques that manipulate search engines. The process of optimizing your website to drive organic traffic takes time and can be hard to understand. Those that claim to have “special insights” are misleading. Usually these “insights” include black hat SEO techniques, such as buying links and keyword stuffing. This can actually lead to search engines demoting your site because it violates terms. These techniques may drive traffic quickly, but you’ll lose rankings in the long run. Good SEO requires a deep understanding of search engines, algorithms, and following frequent updates. 

Avoid Google Lists 

Often times people will just search for which companies rank best in their area or for top SEO lists. It’s not always a good sign for a company to have outstanding organic rankings themselves. If the company has the time to constantly work on their own rankings, it may be because they aren’t doing that for others. The best agencies typically have a list of long-term clients who have and will refer other companies to the same service. It’s also important to remember that lists such as those are generally not impartial. Many of the lists are pay-to-play. The websites that post the lists require payment from the companies that they feature on them. The more they pay, the higher on the list they will be. That’s why using word-of-mouth advertising may be the best to find a qualified and trustworthy SEO company. 

Expert Employees 

Speaking with the CEO of a company is always compelling, but it doesn’t give true insight into the expertise and capabilities of an average employee. The CEO is going to be the most knowledgeable and persuasive person in the company. It’s important to speak with regular team members to evaluate the expertise of who you’ll likely be working with. Your ideal company will have equal expertise at all levels of the chain. The sales team should have a deep understanding of SEO, their strategy, be able to answer questions, etc. 

How Onimod Global Can Help 

An SEO company can have a major impact on your business and budget. At Onimod Global we understand how vital SEO can be. Search engine optimization is our core attribute and a pillar of our strategy. We develop  organic search engine optimization campaigns that deliver increases in organic traffic through an increase in natural rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. We are a trusted Google Partner and continually excel with their products. 

Take a look at how we’ve helped other companies, and learn more about what we can do for you!

Measuring SEO Success

Consistently measuring SEO results and success is crucial to maintaining an effective SEO strategy. But what exactly should you be basing your SEO success off of? With so many different measurement strategies, you need to make sure you’re choosing what’s relevant to your company. What small business consider successful for an SEO campaign, large corporations probably would not.

While all businesses are aware they should be focusing on SEO to generate website traffic, it can still be a struggle to create an effective and comprehensive campaign, especially when it comes to small businesses.

Standard Measurements of SEO Success

Website traffic and conversions are the top two ways businesses measure SEO success. While traffic is important, focusing on that alone puts businesses at risk of missing other crucial metrics. Conversions do often equal success, but it’s almost impossible for a company to have a 100% conversion rate. It also depends on what the company considers a conversion. If it’s an online retail store a conversion is probably a purchase. But often times conversion doesn’t equal new business. For example, an online loan company would consider a conversion someone submitting an application, but what if the application was denied because they didn’t meet the requirements?

The metrics chosen should be relevant and align with your company’s ultimate goals and objectives. The most important aspect to be tracked is overall traffic and conversion quality. Are those coming to your website or filling out forms turning into new and legitimate business opportunities?

Measuring Quality

Time on Page & Pages Per Visit

Depending on what your goal is when a visitor reaches your site, these two things may be beneficial to track. For example, you posted a new blog and you know it takes an average of 3 minutes to read, but the average time visitors spend on that page is only 10 seconds. That probably indicates people are not sticking around to read it. It’s the same with pages per visit. Is the goal to keep users engaged on one page, or is there a final step you want them to reach? If your site’s pages operate independently then this wouldn’t really matter, if not, this may be something you want to consistently track.

Bounce Rate

Bounced sessions indicate that a searcher visited the page and left without browsing your site any further. Bounce rate can determine not only traffic quality, but also quality of the site itself. A high bounce rate can sometimes indicate your website needs improvements. Making it more engaging by including links to other posts or pages is one strategy to keep visitors interested. Though a high bounce rate doesn’t always mean the website needs to be updated. This can also mean visitors are just quickly finding exactly what they needed, such as hours, menus, addresses, etc.

Scroll Depth

Scroll Depth determines how far visitors are scrolling through each individual web page. Are visitors regularly reaching your most important content or the call to action? If not, consider rearranging the content of the page, putting the more important information higher up. Consider the quality of the content as well. While keywords are important and should be included, you don’t want that to be the extent of your content. The information included on the page should be enticing and valuable. Put yourself in the user’s place, what would make you continue to scroll down the page?


Backlink quality is measured by the number of links from websites with high domain authority. While you can’t control all the links that come back to your site, you can target backlink quality by reaching out to other sites that provide domain authority and a new, but similar audience. Keep in mind relevance and novelty. Endorsements from new sites can have a greater impact than repeats. The more relevant the site is to your content, the better endorsement as well.

Putting Your Resources to Use

Google Analytics is a great way to track and measure all of this data in one place. If you already enacted an SEO campaign, you most likely have access to all these capabilities. Google gives you an extensive list of metrics to use, but it can be difficult to know where to start or exactly what the data means. A few places to start could be by tracking isolate organic traffic, page visits, campaign traffic, or click through rates.

How Onimod Global Can Help

As experts in SEO and Google Partners, we know exactly what you should be tracking, and how. As one of our core attributes, we can develop SEO campaigns across all major search engines that deliver increases in organic traffic and natural rankings. We are cross-channel digital marketing experts that work with companies of all sizes, all around the world. Read more about what we do here, or contact us with any questions here.

How To Maximize Your Company Blog To Improve Overall SEO Results

It’s evident that blogging is important in a digitally dominated space, yet many organizations don’t fully understand the SEO implications that effective blogging can have. It seems every company has implemented a blog to their site at this point. However, many fail to take advantage of blog content to increase overall organic search rankings. Listed below are some ways in which companies can maximize their blog content to enhance overall search engine optimization (SEO) results.

Always Optimize Content
Continually generating new content is usually a good practice, but that doesn’t mean existing blog posts should be ignored. Going back to previous posts and reviewing keyword phrases, media, tags, and other parts of a post to help rank better for desired search queries is an effective method. Paying attention to basic “on page” SEO components is another aspect that can’t be ignored. Header tags, meta descriptions, image titles, alt text, internal link building, and having an SSL certificate are all important when it comes to ranking well.

Define Audiences
Blog content should never be randomly created with no specific audiences in mind. Each post should always be produced with intentions to reach segments of your target audience. This means content should be filled with meaningful keyword phrases related to what your consumer base is searching for. For instance, if you’re in the sports bar industry you want to blog about content related to big upcoming games/events geared toward sports fans to draw in as much traffic as possible. Ultimately, creating content for specific target audiences is a key aspect to blogging and will contribute to increased SEO rankings.

Blog Title
The importance of having a creative and appealing blog title a lot of times gets overlooked. Many organizations use titles like “Blog” or “News” for their company blog, which isn’t the best practice for optimization. Creativity and being descriptive are two solutions to better blog optimization. “What audiences am I trying to reach?” and “What are important keyword phrases related to my industry?” are a couple of critical questions to use as a basis for the title of a blog. Moreover, it seems like a minor detail, but coming up with a good title for your company blog is something that should never be ignored.

Social Media Engagement
Sharing blog content on multiple social media platforms is a simple method to increase overall visibility. Utilizing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Google My Business to share content should always be one of the final steps in the process. Be sure to include keyword rich descriptions with social posts as well that way your content has a better chance of ranking. Additional benefits to sharing blog content on social media include the ability to reach new audiences, keeping social media platforms relevant, and the chance of increasing referral traffic.

Contact Us: At Onimod Global we specialize in SEO, content creation, and every other aspect of digital marketing. Check out Our Work to see what digital marketing solutions we have to offer!

Client Spotlight: Community Sailing of Colorado

Community Sailing of Colorado is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has provided public access sailing opportunities to the people of Colorado since 1995. CSC offer hands-on sailing classes for all ages, experience levels and abilities across the Front Range. CSC’s summer camps and classes are held at the Boulder and Cherry Creek Reservoir. In need of a new website and better SEO presence, our website development expertise at Onimod Global has taken CSC to the next level.

Main Objective:
To build a platform to view inspirational content and make booking inquiries. while ensuring device accessibility through Responsive Web Design. As with any business, Community Sailing of Colorado didn’t just need an engaging website, they needed a high functioning tool to generate business and create awareness around their brand.

Onimod Global’s Strategy:
We implemented an acute Website Development SEO strategy and API Integration to build a customer registration portal that is used to manage and communicate with their clientele regularly. We built a robustly designed and developed website that empowers Community Sailing of Colorado to attract consumers and conjure up a sense of nostalgia and intrigue, enough for the consumer to gain information and be able to make a conversion decision.

Old Website:


Current Website:

Immediate Results:
6 Months after the new website launch:

  • Organic Search +40%
  • Website Registration Conversions +215%

Contact Us: If you’re a local business like Community Sailing of Colorado seeking an upgrade in website development or any other digital marketing services, feel free to reach out to us at Onimod Global on our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Content Marketing Tips: How to Use Live Video to Build Your Brand

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Salma Jafri discusses how just how important live video is in 2017.

Live video is a great to maintain a two-way conversation with your audience — something you simply can’t do when you’re reading a script — and major social networks are taking note. Snapchat is now a multi-billion-dollar company with live news feeds, Twitter has invested heavily in Periscope, and Facebook is pushing its own live feeds. So, get on board now and learn how to use this tool in 2017, because it’s going to be bigger than ever.

Similar items: Rich products feature on Google Image Search

Image Search recently launched “Similar items” on mobile web and the Android Search app. The “Similar items” feature is designed to help users find products they love in photos that inspire them on Google Image Search. Using machine vision technology, the Similar items feature identifies products in lifestyle images and displays matching products to the user.

Julia E, product manager on Google Image Search, announced on the Google search blog that you need to use schema.org product metadata on your pages and schema.org/Product markup to make sure your products are eligible for inclusion on these image results. Specifically:

  • Ensure that the product offerings on your pages have schema.org product markup, including an image reference. Products with name, image, price & currency, and availability meta-data on their host page are eligible for Similar items.
  • Test your pages with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to verify that the product markup is formatted correctly.
  • See your images on image search by issuing the query “site:yourdomain.com.” For results with valid product markup, you may see product information appear once you tap on the images from your site. It can take up to a week for Googlebot to recrawl your website.


Right now, Similar items is available on mobile browsers and the Android Google Search App globally, and they plan to expand to more platforms in 2017.

If you have questions, find them in the dedicated Structured data section of their forum, on Twitter, or on Google+ or speak to a Digital Marketing expert here at Onimod global today.

Did you know Bing has a Chatbot answering local search questions?

That’s right! Skype-powered chatbot is showing up as an assistant to help searchers learn about restaurants in the Seattle area. Read more

Google Says it Has Now Tracked 4 Billion Store Visits From Ads

Onimod Global shares how the company says thousands more advertisers will gain access to store visits data as a result of improved measurement techniques and machine learning-powered modeling. Read more

Google Releases New Video on How to Hire an SEO Consultant

This 11-plus-minute video by Google’s Maile Ohye explains what questions to ask and what to look for during that hiring process of an SEO consulting firm, including useful insights, red flags and more. Read more

Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing your business on the internet is different than any other type of marketing. There are dozens of concepts, technologies, terminologies, and rules to learn before you even get started. What’s more, the types of advertisements available to you are new and foreign to some that hasn’t been in the business for a hundred years.

A digital marketing agency that offers a full suite of services is the best way to go if you want to make sure you get the results you expect from your online marketing efforts. And if you don’t believe me, just wait.

Product Knowledge

Many digital marketing agencies specialize in only one product: delivering results for businesses. The tools, metrics, technologies, and terminologies that are so perplexing to you are the life blood of our business. They work to help you identify and then meet your performance goals, including leads, sales, customer acquisition, traffic, and customers.

These are the elements that help you define success for your business and they have deep product knowledge about how to achieve them on behalf of your business.

Unique Business Structure

If you can find a company that offers customers the benefit of their own programmatic buying platform, you will be on your way to a success. This means that in addition to creating a strategy to help you achieve your goals, you will also enjoy the implementation of that strategy and the actual purchasing of advertisement views via our real time bidding platform.

In other words, a unique business structure will allow you to experience results oriented traffic generation, sales conversions, and more.

How Digital Marketing Helps Your Startup

The Internet is constantly evolving. That’s a great thing for businesses that operate on the cutting edge of these new technologies. When you use a platform for purchasing display advertising, you also have the ability to immediately change bids, adjust strategies, split test, and adjust ad buys on the go – in real time. This gives you the distinct advantage of seeing what is and isn’t working as you go and changing your ad buys to more effective advertisements that are reaching your target audience. It gives you a very real advantage of competitors who have not yet embraced this technology.

Simply put, a digital marketing agency helps you get bigger, better, and faster results from your advertising dollars. They do this by sharing the value of their expertise, the ease of their system, and the technology that brings these things together for even more effective marketing.

Who We Are

We are a Chicago based Digital Marketing & Consulting firm. Our digital marketing strategies increase your online reach, strengthen your brand equity, help achieve stronger business results and generate greater profitability.

Our approach is based around working with your company on an ongoing basis to adapt and stay ahead of your competition in an ever-changing digital marketplace. We combine experienced talent with world-class technologies to efficiently create digital marketing programs that truly perform.

Digital Marketing across multiple platforms allows us to create visibility for your company in the places your customers are searching, interacting and engaging on the internet.

Onimod Global is an official Google Partner. The Google Partner badge means that Google trusts our agency. It also shows our clients are happy and that we follow Google best practices.

What We Do

Digital Synergy is about having visibility in the places your consumer needs you. Every search request is an opportunity; each action on a social site is an opportunity. Having the correct brand, product or service positioning is essential.

Our cross-channel digital marketing expertise, data analysis, precise construction and execution of successful digital marketing campaigns make sure your brand meets the consumer when and where they need them.

Every company has a myriad of unique factors; yours included. Learning a company’s core attributes, processes and initiatives allows us to create dynamic data driven digital marketing solutions that offer marked returns. Contact us today to find out more.

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