Digital Marketing

Time to Spring Clean Your Digital Marketing?

Yesterday brought the official first day of spring – Now is the time to dust off the old and get your digital marketing sparkling like new!

Throw out old keywords

If you’ve been using the same list of keywords for years, now is the time to reassess these phrases and determine if they are still a good fit. Look to your Google Webmaster tools to help determine if these are still performing for your business.

If you’ve been sticking to the same keywords for years, it’s a good idea to check over your list and try to:

  • Reassess your current phrases and work out if they’re still performing as you would like them to
  • Ditch any keywords that are no longer relevant to your business – for instance, locations that you no longer service, or products you no longer offer
  • Consider adding a keyword-based AdWords campaign to your strategy to boost your search results 

De-clutter your social media

Ensure that all of your cover photos and imagery are seasonally appropriate and consider adding a CTA. Look through the content you’ve posted in the last few months. Do you see any trends? For instance, are posts with photos being liked, commented on, and shared more than those without images? Reviewing your content can reveal what’s working and what is simply clutter, allowing you to readjust your strategy for more effective content.

Polish every nook and cranny of your website

Set aside some time this spring to review your website with new eyes. How long have the images been there? Is there something more seasonal or attention grabbing that you could swap in instead? What about your headlines? Consider rewriting a few headlines and calls to action to stand out to even those users who’ve visited your site frequently. When making these revisions, consult your analytics. Are there important pages people just aren’t visiting?

Websites are highly complex structures full of many different crevices that can easily be neglected. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities for cobwebs to accumulate. We suggest tackling those forgotten fissures with a few steps:

  • Ensure all links take your users to the relevant pages, and that any broken links are amended ASAP
  • Consult your analytics and find out which pages aren’t performing as well as others
  • Re-evaluate your headlines and call-to-actions. Are they generating results? Do they have a clear purpose?
  • Delete any outdated information and consider giving your current content a bit of a refresh
  • Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Check that your website is consistent and reflective of your brand’s identity

Branding Buff-up

From time to time, it’s important to take a step back and take a good, hard look at how your branding is traveling. When was the last time you worked on it? If you’re scratching your head trying to backtrack more than a year ago, it’s a probably a good idea to do a few simple things to spruce up your style: 

  • Make sure all branding materials – from your logo to your colors, taglines, letterheads and fonts – completely reflect your company’s identity. Tighten and tweak anything that needs fixing.
  • Consider branching your brand into new avenues, such as investing in some fresh new merchandise to act as a marketing vehicle 

Dust off and freshen up your emails

Finally, pull up the last five or six e-blasts you sent. Did some get more opens than others? More clicks? Make note of this and adjust your subject lines, designs, and copy for future blasts to be in line with the most effective campaigns.

It can be easy to hide behind automated emails when you have tonnes of other things to tend to, but the fact still stands that this is a core furnishing to your digital marketing strategy. Email marketing helps build and maintain positive customer relationships, and in order to make sure you are getting the most out of your business’s emails, we suggest trying the following:

  • Make a comparison between the emails that are receiving the highest open rates and those with the lowest. What do the more successful ones have in common?
  • Check that all your email links and contact information is up-to-date (you won’t believe how many businesses out there move offices or change phone numbers and forget to update their email signatures)

Spring is truly the time to shake out that dusty welcome mat and turn your marketing into a warm and inviting space bristling with satisfied visitors. Just as you enlist the help of a cleaning service to tackle those tasks you simply don’t have the time to do, you can consult with a digital marketing team to aid in your spring cleanup! Ready to get started? Contact us today!